MathSuperstars Information

MathSuperstars Information

Information for Students

Math Superstars is a voluntary program which helps you learn to solve math problems. If you choose to participate, you will need to print a worksheet every week and have one week to complete it. After you turn in your worksheet, it will be graded and returned to you. You will now begin working on the next woksheet (the next one in the series).

There will be easy problems and hard problems on every worksheet and you will earn more "stars" for the hard problems. Don't worry if you cannot complete all the problems, just do what you can. You must do the thinking for each problem on your own! Parents or teachers can help read the problems or they can show you how to use a compass or protractor, for example.

You will earn small rewards such as a pencil for participating in the program. These will be given after the completion of 5, 10, and 15 worksheets.

Don't forget to turn your worksheets in on time to be eligible for credit. Also, be sure to always put your first and last name on the worksheets to be sure you get credit for your effort!! Good Luck!

Kindergarten Worksheets Fourth Grade Worksheets
  First Grade Worksheets Fifth Grade Worksheets
  Second Grade Worksheets Sixth Grade Worksheets
  Third Grade Worksheets

Review the "Schedule" below to find out which page(s) to print and complete each week.



Due Date Worksheet Page Numbers for Printer
Week 1 (1,2)
Week 2 (3,4)
Week 3 (5,6)
Week 4 (7,8)
Week 5 (9,10)
Week 6 (11,12)
Week 7 (13,14)
Week 8 (15,16)
Week 9 (17,18)
Week 10 (19,20)
Week 11 (21,22)
Week 12 (23,24)
Week 13 (25,26)
Week 14 (27,28)
Week 15 (29,30)
Week 16 (31,32)
Week 17 (33,34)
Week 18 (35,36)
Week 19 (37,38)
Week 20 (39,40)