Suntree Clinic Information

Suntree Clinic Information
Healthy Kids Make Better Learners

School Nurse(s) / Health Techs:

  • Jeanie Hensler

  • Phone: 321-242-6480 x111


Student Allergy and Medical Condition List

(only available to Suntree teachers and staff)

2017-2018 List (click here)



Parent Letter Regarding Measles.


"We are pleased to announce that our entire school campus is now 100% tobacco free (including electronic smoking devices).  This policy applies to anyone, at any time, on any school board property.  We thank you for your support as together we make our school-community healthier.”



The clinic provides a vital service for our students at Suntree. We always extend an open door policy for students. We also realize that when a student is in the clinic, they are missing valuable classroom time. If we feel that a child is "visiting" the clinic more often than needed we will speak to the teacher and/or the parent. We want your kids to make the best of their classroom time.

Please contact the clinic if you would like more information.
The number one line of defense again the flu and common colds is HANDWASHING!!!! We cannot over-stress the importance of this. See below in the "LINKS" section for a short video on handwashing. It is a great video to show your kids, no matter what the age.

Medication Rules

We can administer medications during school hours, however we do not stock medicine in the clinic. You may send in any "over the counter" medication but it must be in the original container. You must fill out an authorization form in the clinic. Please make sure the medication is age appropriate. We must follow the directions on the container. We may only hold over the counter medications for 10 days. If you wish to have this medication kept in the clinic for the entire school year, you must provide an official note from a doctor stating dosage and frequency. Over the counter medications include but are not limited to, cough drops, antacids, Tylenol, Benedryl, etc...

Medication Rules: Florida Statutes 1006.062 and the Brevard County School Board

  • Please do not send loose medication (cough drops, pills, etc.) to school in plastic bags. Clinic staff will be unable to administer these medications to your child.
  • All medications coming to the school must be in the original container with the manufacturer/pharmacy label in place. This includes all over-the-counter medications as well.
  • Parent permission forms are to be completed for ALL medications to be given at school.
  • Please DO NOT allow your child to transport medication to and from school - This is for your legal safety.


Head Lice

Controlling Head Lice (Pediculuscapitis) (Adopted from recommendations of American Academy of Pediatrics, Centers of Disease Control, and Harvard School of Public Health).
The following procedure will be used by clinic staff/school administration when a student at school is observed to be infested with live head lice:

    1. The parent/guardian will be notified by the end of the school day.
    2. A fact sheet on education and treatment of head lice will be sent home. This will include a statement to be signed by parent/guardian that treatment was completed.
    3. For a student to be re-admitted to school following live lice infestation, he/she must be checked, have no live lice, and have a statement signed by parent/guardian that treatment was done.
    • If no nits are found, further rechecking will not be done.
    • If nits are found, the student will be admitted and rechecked in 8-10 days.
    • If live lice are found, the student will not be readmitted and the entire procedure will need to be repeated.

See link below for more head lice information.

Change of Clothes

It is not uncommon for students to ocassionally spill something onto their clothes or otherwise require a change. The clinic maintains a limited amount of clothing that students may borrow when this happens. For parents with small children, please try to keep a change of clothes in their backpacks.


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