Free Computer

Free Computer
For Students in Need


Computers Advancing Education’s goal is to provide computers to students, senior citizens, and/or non-profit organizations who cannot afford it otherwise. They have a very brief online application:


The following is a list of requirements / qualifications for each applicant to receive a free computer system from Computers Advancing Education.

A. Must be a student in the United States.
B. Must be registered for classes at a certified public or private school, institution of higher learning or classes taken online in the current semester.
C. Must show proof of registered class.
D. Must apply for the computer system through CAEI online application or through mail to CAEI post office box. (Walk-ins are not accepted).
E. Does not have a working computer in the place of residence
F. Is using the library or other sources to complete school work.
G. Cannot afford the cost to purchase a computer.
H. Online and home school classes only warrant a desktop system.
I. Laptops are for teachers and special needs students.
J. Special needs students are approved by the CAEI board based on medical history from a doctor.
K. All computer systems given to individuals are based on the approval of the CAEI review board
L. Schools have the first priority to receive computers or computer systems.
M. The distribution and schedule of hardware will be set up by the CAEI resource manager.
N. If approved, must be able to pick up the hardware at our facility.
O. The type, pedigree and product definition at the time of distribution is determined by the CAEI distribution manager.
P. CAEI management reserves the right for additional review anytime during the application and approval process.