College Pathways supports 7th-12th grade students in their pursuit for early college readiness, flexible schedules, and hybrid-online learning opportunities. We offer a safe and friendly campus where students can build schedules that support their unique learning goals.


From junior high to high school courses, our students take core classes and some electives while being supported with pre-collegiate and college advising, college readiness skills, and highly interactive teachers. We work together as a team to support students in building their self-advocacy skills, time management and organizational tools needed for high school and college success.


CP is located on the same larger campus as Pikes Peak Community College, allowing our college-ready students to easily navigate college classes and campus life while remaining connected to high school advisors and on-going teacher support found through our College Pathways staff.


We welcome your questions as you pursue the very best educational opportunities for your student.


Below are some fast facts about CP to orient your understanding of our program.


CP Fast Facts:

  • College Pathways is a hybrid-online 7th-12th grade school offering TCA core academic curriculum and electives, leading to tuition-free early college opportunities through concurrent enrollment at Pikes Peak Community College (PPCC).


  • Classes meet 2 hours a week for on-campus instruction with the remainder of course work being completed online and at home.


  • Students’ schedules are individualized. Full-time students may select 4-5 CP classes and/or 12-15 college credits.  Part-time students may select 1or 2 CP classes or 11 or fewer college credits.


  • 11th graders are expected to test college ready in Math or English and 12th graders must be college ready in Math and English. See College Registration Guidelines


  • College Registration is managed on an individual basis. Students first schedule an advising appointment with College Pathways prior to registering for PPCC classes.  After advising is complete students apply for admission at PPCC (www.ppcc.edu).


Feel free to contact us for more information.




Steve Wright

Principal, College Pathways


(719) 487-2000