About the Cottage School Program

About the Cottage School Program


Since 1999, TCA’s Cottage School Program (CSP) has upheld family instruction, core values, and educational direction developed at home. It’s our privilege to assist and reinforce parents in their role as the primary educators and to enhance educational instruction.


CSP offers a K-8 Language Arts emphasis program based on Core Knowledge curriculum, Character Education, Classical Elements, Physical Education, Art, and Music. In grades K-2, Spalding instruction provides a foundation for phonemic awareness, handwriting, and literature appreciation. Additionally, K-2 students receive foundational writing and grammar instruction. In grades 3-8, students develop even stronger writing and grammar skills with the Institute of Excellence in Writing (IEW) curriculum. This highly acclaimed writing program methodically guides students to improve essays, reports, poems, and narratives while melding pertinent grammar skills in each lesson. Literature appreciation is taught in grades 3-8 as well as Greek/Latin Roots for enrichment. We invite you to peruse the grade level web pages.



CSP offers opportunities for children to learn in a positive classroom environment as well as participate in field trips and extracurricular activities. Principles based upon the Trivium and Charlotte Mason techniques, including hands-on experiential learning, narration, and Socratic discussions provide the framework for our K-8 lessons and interactions. The Cottage School Program compliments your busy home school schedule with students attending class one full day per week.


To provide home schooling families a chance to network among our supportive, friendly community, we host a wide variety of social and academic events, such as a potluck & square dance, family talent show, vocal concert, spelling bee, writer’s workshop, field day, art show, a junior high musical, and end-of-year skating party.


Choosing to educate children at home is one of the most rewarding and challenging endeavors a family will ever experience. This decision does not come without sacrifice and even some days of frustration. As current and former home school parents ourselves, we understand. The Cottage School Program offers a safe, academic enrichment program. It lifts some of the burden of teaching and fills some gaps many home school parents admit have caused them to quit the journey before graduation. Many veteran home educators and experienced staff are "on call" to assist you. Our #1 priority is partnering with our homeschool families to help their children succeed in their CSP Language Arts and Specials studies.


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