Our Principal

Our Principal

Jerry GastonGreetings Tahoma Elementary Families!

Though this transition to becoming a Tahoma Elementary family has been on all our minds for months, I sense a growing eagerness and enthusiasm for starting our journey together.

Though my favorite topic is definitely not myself, I want to take a moment to share some about who I am. This fall will start my 26th year in education which is hard to believe since in many ways it seems like I just completed my first year of teaching. In my career I have taught primary and intermediate grades and a good deal of adult learning courses as well. I have served as a reading specialist and an administrator in a couple of different capacities, as well as an instructional coach. Though my official title is Principal, I rather prefer the title “lead learner.” I think that is more in line with what I do and better illustrates who I am. Perhaps that is one reason I haven’t left school since I started kindergarten! I was also raised in a family where both my parents were lifelong teachers and I spent time at Gonzaga University, Seattle University and Seattle Pacific University for undergraduate, graduate and post graduate work.

I am the fortunate father of three Tahoma students, and the lucky husband of a newly named Tahoma Principal. We’ve been part of this community for 26 years, and feel fortunate to call Maple Valley home.

As I walk the halls of our new school, its rich history is something that is highlighted for me. Ninety years of schooling has taken place here, and together, we are going to add a great deal to the history to come. As we together build this new school, we are part of an opportunity of which many people never have the privilege.

Let’s build something special together! Volunteer in a classroom, join our PTO, collaborate with your child’s teacher like never before. Let’s honor the past of our community, our campus, and the schools we have previously been a part of, and use that to build a legacy of our own.

If I have not met you yet, I look so forward to that moving ahead. You have my absolute promise to do anything I am able to exceed your expectations in serving your children well. Keep in touch for anything at anytime, our partnership is key to our success.

With eager enthusiasm,

Jerry Gaston
Lead Learner
Tahoma Elementary