Tefft Weekly Bulletin May 22nd26th

Tefft Weekly Bulletin May 22nd-26th


Tefft Middle School Bulletin


Week of Monday, May 22, 2017


Through Friday, May 26, 2017



Breakfast Menu:

Monday: Manager’s Choice

Tuesday: Manager’s Choice

Wednesday: Manager’s Choice

Thursday: Manager’s Choice

 Friday: Manager’s Choice


Lunch Menu:

Monday: Manager’s Choice, Broccoli, Carroteenies, Chilled Peach Cup, Apple Juice, Milk Choice

Tuesday: Manager’s Choice, Green Beans, Baked Potato Smiles, Fresh Apple or Apple Slices, Grape Juice, Milk Choice

Wednesday: Manager’s Choice, Garden Salad w/Ranch Dressing, Refried Beans, Peach Cup, Fruit Punch Juice, Milk Choice

Thursday: Manager’s Choice, Garden Salad w/Ranch Dressing, Applesauce Cup, Grape Juice, Milk Choice

Friday: Manager’s Choice, Sweet Potato Crinkle Cut Fries, Steamed Mixed Vegetables, Fresh Grapes, Apple Juice, Milk Choice



Quote of the week: Stay true to who you are and what makes you different.  Celebrate your uniqueness because you’re irreplaceable.


Growth Mindset Tip of the Week: Believe that your intelligence is continuously developing.  Your abilities and your potential are still unfolding based on the effort you commit. 


Student Creed Reminder for the Week: Give yourself permission to celebrate your milestones while you set new targets, then you’ll be incredible.


(Mon Only)

Thank you to all of the teams who competed in last week’s Sports-A-Rama.


2 teams have advanced to the championship game which will be played during the all school assembly on the last day of school. 


In DodgeballChampionship – B-Masters vs. Veef Mink

In the Soccer Championship – Los Chiles Rellenos vs. Dream Team

The Floor Hockey Championship game will feature the Moist Nugget vs. North Hawks

The 3-on-3 Basketball Championship will feature the Dime Droppers taking on the B-Masters.


On Thursday, you will be cleaning out your lockers.  Everything from your locker must go home.  You may want to bring an extra bag to school with you on Thursday.  You also may want to pick up your belongings when you bring your parents to school on Thursday for the Academic Showcase/Community Expo.


Final Locker Clean Out is scheduled for Thursday, May 25th.  Students are reminded of locker clean out procedures:


1. Have students remove all material from their lockers.


2. All textbooks and library books found should be given to a supervising teacher.


3. Throw away everything that you do not want.  Place all recyclable materials in blue garbage cans or cans with clear liners.  Place all other garbage in grey garbage cans with black liners.  Place any item that can be reused (binders, clean paper) in large brown cardboard boxes.


4. Clean any marks, tape, or stickers that are on the inside or outside of lockers.


5. When you are satisfied that everything is clean and out of the locker, have a teacher check your locker.  Students will take all their belongings home at the end of the school day.


Students are reminded of the expectations for the 8th grade trip:


As a group we are representing ourselves and Tefft Middle School on this Trip.  Behavior expectations are the same as they are during any school day, respect ourselves, each other and respect the buses, and The Schaumburg Boomers and adults we will be traveling with.


Dress for the Boomer’s baseball game is normal school dress.  No flip flops, short short/skirts, swim wear are allowed at the park.  Hoodies may be worn with the hood not on the head.  The hands off policy will be strictly enforced.  All students MUST have their ID with them.


Students may bring with them camera’s, MP3 payers or CD players.  Students are responsible for anything that they bring with them.  No backpacks may be carried.


Students will sit in buses in accordance with the posted alphabetical bus list.  There are no exceptions.


Any student that violates any school rules during this event is subject to disciplinary action that can carry over to the start of the next school year.  Any violation can also result in being removed from the 8th grade recognition on Wednesday, May 25th.


All students are reminded of the expectations for the awards assembly on Friday.  This assembly is a very important and special event when all members of our learning community – students, teachers, and parents – come together to celebrate the achievements of the Tefft Class of 2017.  It is expected that all students are quiet when a presenter is at the podium.  It is the Tefft standard that all students conduct themselves in a respectful and dignified manner which what this very special event is deserving of.


Textbook collection will take place tomorrow on Tuesday, May 23rd.  Please bring all your textbooks with you to the period your team has been assigned.

Period 1 - Athena

Period 2 - Titans

Period 3 - Atlantis

Period 6 - Zeus

Period 7 - Pegasus

Period 8 - Gladiators


Tefft’s Spring Academic Showcase/Community Expo will be held on Thursday, May 25th from 5pm-7pm.  All students are expected to attend this event.  You will be presenting to your parents the progress you have made during this school year.  Unlike our fall Student Led Conferences, you will be taking your parents to only one classroom.  You will be presenting a work sample for each of your classes which will be all in one folder.  Your parents will be scoring your presentation using a rubric.  You will also be assessing yourself.  You will be receiving a grade for your presentation.  Students that do not attend will be completing this presentation the next day to your teachers.  8th grade teachers will also be receiving their classes for next year in the 9th grade.  BHS and SHS will have the information about summer athletic camps.  And there will be a raffle for a variety of prizes.


A reminder to students, that referrals up until the last day of school can result in disciplinary action that will take place at the beginning of the next school year.  For example, 8th grade discipline referrals will be acted on at the high school you will be attending.  Don’t put yourself in this position of starting your high school career with a referral from middle school.  Follow the TR3 up until 3:17 pm on Tuesday, May 30th.


8th grade dance:  A Walk in the Stars will be on Friday, May 26th, 7-9pm.  This dance is for Tefft 8th grade students only.  You must be in school all day to attend the dance.  Hand stamps will be given during lunches on Friday, May 26th.  Please have your rides here by 9pm.


7th grade Student Council:  Please remember to stay after school on Friday, May 26th to help decorate for the dance.  You must walk or have a ride home.  There is no activity bus on this day.  Have your rides here by 4:45pm.  We need a lot of help so bring 1 friend who is willing to work!


It's time!!!  Yearbooks will be passed out to those students who PRE-purchased a yearbook this week, Thursday, 5/25/17. No more pre-orders will be taken at this time. Remaining yearbooks will go on sale THURSDAY night, 5/25/17 during the Spring Showcase. The cost is $30 and cash or check is accepted!  It is first-come, first-serve. Any remaining yearbooks after Thursday night will be on sale Friday morning near the window tables, beginning at 8:15, again Friday evening at the dance (if there is an interest), and the last day to purchase one will be Tuesday, 5/30. Be sure to get one before they are ALL gone!


8th grade students!!!  Yearbook SHOUTS, the interactive "signatures" will be on sale to you beginning Thursday evening at the Spring Showcase. Cost for the shouts are 5 for $3 or 10 for $5...remember, you will be able to "sign" your friends yearbook using a picture, a video, or an audio clip!  Make sure you get some!!  


Don't forget to download the Aurasma and Yearbook Shout apps on the Itunes store or Google play...they are FREE!!!


A reminder to students that if you qualify for free lunch, you also qualify for a free breakfast.  Start your day with Tefft’s Breakfast of Champions.


Want to wish someone a happy birthday?  We have an electronic board in the cafeteria where you can do just that.  Come to the main office and fill out a form.  The cost is $2.00.  Turn in the form to the main office with your $2.00 the week before the birthday.


Do you need help with your homework or to use a computer and printer?  Help is available every morning Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. until 8:50 a.m.  Sign up by the window table and you will be given a pass to the computer lab upstairs.  Homework help is also available after school on Monday through Thursday.  Just report to the library after school.


Binder and homework folder checks will take place in classes this Friday.  If you don’t pass the binder check, you will have an opportunity to get organized at our “Workshop” held every Tuesday after school.  Are your binders and homework folders organized and are you ready for Friday’s binder checks?


TR3: Students are reminded that with the coming of summer months the dress code will continue to be enforced.  Shorts and shirts must be of a length that when the arm and fingers are extended to the side, the clothing is at least that long.  Tank tops and spaghetti straps are not allowed.  There can be no skin showing around the waist.  Let's finish off the school year strong and dress for success.