Guidance Services

Guidance Services
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 In accordance with the The Prout School mission statement, the guidance department serves as an advocate system for the students. The members of the guidance department are committed to helping every student succeed academically, socially, and emotionally through high school. Operating within the framework of Catholic doctrine and the philosophy of the school’s mission statement, the guidance department members assist students in areas including, but not limited to:

Adjusting to high school life academically, socially, and emotionally,
Utilizing their potentials at whatever level they are operating at,
Developing study strategies for more effective life long learning,
Dealing with difficult personal issues,
Preparing for successful scoring on standardized testings (PSAT’s, Sat’s and ACT’s, etc.)


The guidance department members include:

Ms. Linda Price

Mr. John Gaffney


Ms. Mallory Lepere