Are you ready?

WELCOME to The Timothy Ministry!  We are excited to have your family participate in our FALL 2018 session.  I know most of you are in summer mode, but I wanted to go ahead and send a few reminders as you prepare for the upcoming school year.


  1. 1.     Mark your calendars:
    1. a.     OPEN HOUSE: Tuesday, August 7, from 2:00-4:00pm to begin in the A-building Chapel. 
      1.                                           i.    STUDENTS in grades 7 – 12:  Mandatory student meeting in Fellowship Hall beginning at 2:30pm.  Attendance will be taken and if your student misses, a make-up session will be scheduled on the first day. 
      2.                                          ii.    PARENTS
    2. b.     FIRST DAY - August 14


  1. 2.     Are there any textbooks you need to purchase?  Look online at www.timothyministry.org under “CONTENTS/2018-2019 REGISTRATION” and pull up the class listing and find the description for the classes your children are registered.  The description line will state “PARENT TO PURCHASE.” 


  1. 3.     SUMMER ASSIGNMENTS:  If your student is in an academic class with a summer assignment, those will be emailed to you.


  1. 4.     Don’t be alarmed when you see a change in the look of our website.  We will be switching over to our new site soon.


  1. 5.     UNIFORM SHIRT/T-Shirt:  T-shirts will be available for purchase at open house and you can order outerwear and other shirts through our online vendor at




  1. 6.     If you are on the payment plan, don’t forget to make your monthly payments by going to https://account.thetimothyministry.org and scroll down and click on MAKE PAYMENT.  Payments are due by the end of each month.  Auto-payments are net available through our system since we do not save any personal or credit card information as an added measure of security. 


Please contact us if you have any questions.  We look forward to a great year!

Blessings and ENJOY your summer,

Timothy Ministry Staff