Are you ready?

WELCOME to The Timothy Ministry!  We are excited to have you and your family participate in our Spring 2018 session.


Listed below are a few reminders as you prepare for your classes for the upcoming session:


1.  FIRST DAY:  Classes begin Tuesday, January 9, 2018.  Timothy Ministry meets on Tuesdays only.  A calendar is on our website, www.timothyministry.org.


2.  SCHEDULES:  You can print your student's schedule by logging onto https://account.thetimothyministry.org (ONLINE registration site).  To the right of each child’s name, click on the “Current Class Schedule” button or print the confirmation you received at checkout.


3.  BOOKS/SUPPLIES:  Are there any textbooks you need to purchase?  Log onto the online registration system and click on the class title.  The description line will state “PARENT TO PURCHASE.”  Otherwise, materials are supplied for the class with your material fee.   Be sure to always send pen/pencil and paper with your child.


4.  UNIFORM SHIRT:  A uniform shirt is required. 


T-shirts can be pre-ordered and picked up on the first day in room B200.  Form is under NEWS on www.timothyministry.org.  Download, save to computer, complete, save again and then email as an attachment to thetimothyministry@yahoo.com


Outerwear, sweatshirts, long sleeved shirts through this website:




5.  BAG TAG –

*  Grades K-5thPlease be sure to put your child’s class TIME and ROOM NUMBER on a bag tag on their backpack. 

Grades 6th-12th:  Please be sure your student has a copy of his schedule with class TIME and ROOM NUMBER on their possession.


Room numbers can be found on the confirmation page you received when you enrolled.  Also, you may log onto the online system, https://account.thetimothyministry.org, and print another copy of your children’s schedules if you have misplaced the original.


6. EDLINE:  ** EDLINE activation codes will be emailed to new families.  Please activate your EDLINE account upon receipt of your activation code.  EDLINE will be the main means of communication between you and the Timothy Ministry staff and teachers.  You will need to be sure to include your correct email address so that you will receive all correspondence.  You will be able to view your children’s schedules, syllabi, homework assignments, etc.


7.  WALK-THROUGH:  We do not have an open house for the spring session; however, the FBCW building is open the week of January 08 if you would like to walk your children to their classrooms to familiarize them with the building and classroom locations. 


For students K-2nd grade, we ask that you park and walk your children into the building each week to their first class and then pick them up at their last class.  Please be sure that all your children are familiar with finding their way from class to class. 


Also, let your children know that anyone wearing an orange vest is a monitor that will gladly assist them in finding their way around the building (this is why the bag tag with time and room numbers is important).   Parents are always welcome to stay on campus during children’s class times; however, if you feel your child can maneuver from class-to-class, you are welcome to leave and then pick them up at the end of their day.  Again, we have monitors at every entrance/exit for your children’s safety and to assist them should they get turned around.


Maps of the buildings can be found on www.timothyministry.org under Contents/Campus Maps



  • Grades K-5:  must be accompanied by an adult or registered for our Lunch Bunch group. 
  • LUNCH BUNCH:  Must send a lunch with your student each Tuesday.  If your child is in the NUT FREE room, please be sure to send a NUT-FREE lunch.
  • Grades 6-12:  Your child my bring their lunch or purchase lunch Solid Rock Café located in the B-building main foyer. 
  • Designated lunch areas are in the Fellowship Hall (located on the 1st floor of A-building), B-building foyer, or Café (both located on 1st floor of B-building).




  • Please do not use the passageway between the A/B and W buildings as drop-off/pick-up.  WeeSchool at First Baptist meets each week and this area gets congested and is too dangerous for students to cross through. 


  • K-2nd must be walked into the building by an adult to their first class and picked up at their last class. 


  • 3rd-12th may be dropped off and picked up at a entrance/exit, but we ask that unless they are student drivers, they do not go into the parking lot to meet you.  The safety of our students is very important.


10.  STUDENT ASSISTANTS:  If your student will be a student assistant, please sign the form on www.timothyministry.org under CONTENTS/Student Assistants and bring by the office on Tuesday.


11.  HANDBOOK:  Our handbook is on our website under “CONTENTS / Student-Parent Handbook”


12.  STATEMENTS & PAYMENT:  Statements are emails by the 15th of each month.  If you are on a payment plan, payments are due by the end of each month or a $10 late fee will be added to your account.  Payments can be made online through https://account.thetimothyministry.org.  Scroll down and select the MAKE PAYMENT button.


13.  OFFICE:  Our office is located in room B201 on Tuesdays only while Timothy Ministry is in session. 



Please contact us if you have any questions.  We look forward to a great year!


Timothy Ministry Staff