Dual Language

Dual Language

From the U-46 website:

School District U-46 welcomes all families to our learning community. We provide services to meet the linguistic and academic needs of children whose native language is not English. Because of U-46’s location in the Fox Valley and the communities it serves, children from over 97 different language backgrounds are represented in our classrooms. Spanish speaking  students comprise the vast majority followed by Polish, Urdu, Gujurati and Tagalog speaking  students, among others. U-46 has the second largest ESL/Bilingual Program in the State of Illinois outside the city of Chicago.

The Dual Language Program is a form of bilingual education in which students are taught literacy and academic content in two languages. It offers a unique opportunity for students to excel academically and learn a second language.


Dual language programs foster:

  • bilingualism
  • bi-literacy
  • enhanced awareness of linguistic and cultural diversity
  • high levels of academic achievement through instruction in two languages

Please visit the District U-46 Dual Language web page to read about our Dual Language program and watch an informational video. You should also go to the Dual Language Resource Page to access the Dual Language Interest Form and see program information.


Parents of incoming Kindergartners and English dominant first graders have until Friday, April 25 to submit the Dual Language Interest Form. Forms are also available in the Timber Trails main office.