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Welcome to the West Melbourne Elementary School for Science Physical Education Department. In case you want to visit me, look at the facility, or browse around the physical education room, contact me in advance. My homeroom is 906. 


Be aware of the rotating activity schedule and contact your classroom teacher for a schedule. Your child will then know which day she/he will need to wear appropriate footwear for her/his physical education class. Appropriate footwear is defined as sneakers that cover the whole foot and that also have shoe laces or velcro. Socks are mandatory as they are part of the WMSS uniform code. All students must participate every time in physical education class unless excused by an ONGOING doctor note or by a DAILY parent note.



Students may bring water bottles, sunglasses, and sunscreen for physical education class. Only water is allowed in the water bottles and responsible use of a water bottle by all students at WMSS is a must. Sunglasses may be worn during physical education class.  NO HATS ALLOWED.



Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday Schedule 2017-18 

 9:05-9:45 5th Grade      

9:45-10:25 4th grade

10:30-11:10 Kindergarten    

11:30-12:10 6th Grade

12:10-12:50 3rd Grade

1:30-2:10 1st Grade

2:10-2:50 2nd Grade

Wednesday Early Release Schedule 2017-18

9:05-9:35 5th Grade

9:40-10:10 2nd Grade

10:50-11:20 6th Grade

11:42-12:12 4th Grade

12:39-1:09 1st Grade

1:10-1:40 3rd Grade

1:40-2:10 Kindergarten







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