Yearbook wins quotBest of New Englandquot Award

Yearbook wins "Best of New England" Award

WMHS Yearbook receives “Best of New England” Award

and recognized nationally as one of the top 50 books in country!


There wasn’t a dry eye in the house as a very emotional yearbook ceremony took place for the class of 2012 on Wednesday, May 23. The traditional ceremony along with the honors assembly is a unique event that only Woburn High has for their seniors.  This year’s staff is a wonderful group of overachieving students who went above and beyond for their fellow classmates to create a book that they will cherish forever. They created a historical reference book for their school and community that showcases their four years in high school.


 During the ceremony, the staff was honored by their publishing company Herff Jones Publishing. They are one of the largest publishing companies of yearbooks in the country. Susan Happel, representative from the company presented advisors Mrs. Michelle Getherall, Mrs. Susan Thifault and the yearbook with several awards.  This year's staff was named "Best of New England" for Staff Achievement & Performance. An outstanding honor that reflects the staff and their performance in the New England region. The Innitou yearbook for the first time ever was chosen at the national level to be part of the Showcase Slidefest, which is a compilation of approximately 50 books from around the country that demonstrate outstanding journalism and creativity. Pages from this 2012 book will be used nationally to help teach journalism and design classes, and the 2012 book will also be entered into national journalism competitions as a result of this selection.

Woburn was also chosen to be honored out of hundreds of other high school books in the following categories for Showcase awards:

  • Outstanding Feature Photography
  • Outstanding Graphic Design
  • Outstanding Thematic Pages
  • Outstanding Headline Treatments
  • Outstanding Graphic Treatments



Mrs. Theresa Christerson spoke to her class before the ceremony began.

Good morning,

This morning I would like to begin by recognizing the members of the Activities Committee.  What began as a freshmen group of 30 students or so grew to an amazing group of 65 or more. I knew from the very beginning when you decorated for the freshman dance that this class would be very special.  It was amazing!  Not only were you successful in organizing many successful dances, but you were also great at fundraising.  This made your class a strong one.  I know that those students who participated in any of the dances or the activities will have memories of them for a lifetime.  I would like to thank you for all the hard work and dedication you have shown your class.  I am truly appreciative of all your efforts.  A sincere thank you to all the members. 

Secondly , I have been very lucky as an advisor to have worked with this group of Class officers over the past four year.   They have been instrumental in executing many of the activities you have participated in, and their leadership and hard work has been exemplary.  It has been truly a pleasure to work with all of them.   As I call your name, please come up to the stage to accept this gift of our gratitude for your time and dedication.

Hunter Romano- President for the past three years. 

Bobby Campbell- Vice-President for the past four years.

Tre Armstrong – Secretary for the past four years

Kathryn Thifault- Treasurer for the past four years

Paulina Foley – Student Advisory Representative for the past four years.

John Concannon- representative to the school committee during his senior year and freshman-year President

Thank you again for all your efforts, time and dedication. Next, I would like to mention our class gift that was presented to this school.  It is the monument that stands outside the gymnastic/ wrestling gym.  It is the original 1906 Woburn High School stone that was over the doorway of the original building.  We had it restored and the sign beside it states – a gift from the class of 2012.  Take a look at it as you leave the building.

Lastly, for the past four years I have watched you grow from boys and girls into very capable and talented young men and women.  It has been my pleasure to have been your advisor.  In many ways, you have shared your lives with me, and I am delighted to have known you.  I leave you with this quote from Thoureau.“Go confidently in the directions of your dreams! Live the life you’ve imagined” May all your dreams come true.  Best of luck in your future endeavors.  I will miss you.  Thank you very much.



The yearbook ceremony started with an opening video that was a fun filled video produced by WMHS contracted photography studio, Burlington Studios.  It featured all the seniors at their holiday dance.



Alexandra Chapman read the history of Innitou.  

There is one landmark in Woburn every student makes sure to take note of: Horn Pond. Many of us drive by the pond daily on our way home from school and almost all of us have taken the long walk around the familiar paths. As infants, this is where our mothers pushed us in carriages as we sat in awe of the swans. As kids, this is where we raced around the narrow roads on our bikes and then rushed to the beach to skip rocks. And as teenagers, some of us were even adventurous enough to trek the mountain, where a clear view of Boston left us speechless. This famous mountain was also loved by a Native American tribe called the Massachusett,  They lived on the mountain which they called Mt. Towanda. The serene woods provided a resting place for Manitou, the Great Spirit of the tribe. They named the lake, Innitou which means “Looking Place of the Great Spirit.”  On a peaceful day, Manitou could see his reflection in the water.  This yearbook allows the students of Woburn High to do the same. It serves as a peaceful body of water in which we can see the reflection of past teachers, coaches, peers, and friends. As we move on in life we must remember to reflect on old memories. Our own Innitou allows us to take note of our high school experience and move forward.


Taylor Platon read the introduction of the theme “Take Note” and Ali Chapman produced a video to introduce the theme.

High school has been a progression of white lined pages, a symphony of sorts when gearing minds met scratching pencils. For six hours and twenty one minutes we spent each day inside the halls of Woburn High. We fell into a rhythm with the boundaries of the school, where each day moves in sync with the next. Lost at first, we took note of each twist and turn of the hallways. We mapped out our path for each class, jotting down what upperclassmen did differently than ourselves. Soon each hallway and classroom became home to us, and we could subconsciously navigate throughout our school. The notes we had taken, scattered throughout our folders, had risen off the pages and become intuitive. We had learned so much, so quickly, simply about the building: however, it didn’t stop there.    As teenagers growing up in our generation, talent seemed to revolve around artistic ability, creativity, and uniqueness. It persuaded Woburn High School students to follow their own passion. For these reasons this book holds the future’s writers, singers, dancers, musicians, and artists.  As teenagers growing up within the walls of Woburn High, we put our own twist on talent. TAKE NOTE that our class had the most incredible super fans, leaders, and athletes.     Our class deserves the documentation that it has always striven for. Although our names will always identify us, we have the ability to define it. We have the knowledge, drive, and power to cement our names into history, to make them worth something.

Our experiences are the reason we are about to set off into the unknown. It is the very reason we’re nervous to say goodbye to lifelong friends, and excited to make a name for ourselves.     Take the world you’ve been given and shape it into greatness. Don’t give up until it is a world in which you find yourself happy. We know not what we may be, and that is what makes the future so nerve-wracking and exciting. Anything is possible, the world is waiting: what mark are we going to leave on it?



Kathryn Thifault announced the dedication in honor of their class advisor.

It is with great honor that we dedicate our yearbook to a person who has been with us every step of the way.  This person has been by our side from the moment we walked into the front door as freshman and will be with us on our very last day on graduation.   She is extremely devoted to our class and has made sure that we have the best memories of our high school years.  It has been written that “It is not the destination that makes the journey, but in the journey that makes the destination.”  Our journey through high school with our class advisor made our destination full of wonderful memories and most of all friendships.    We sincerely appreciate everything that she has done for our class.  We hope years from now you will remember us as your favorite class, as we will always remember you as our favorite class advisor.   We are proud to dedicate our yearbook to Mrs. Theresa Christerson



The yearbook advisors recognized the following staff members.

Alexandra Chapman- Ali loved to come up with different ideas for each of the pages.  She also spent countless hours filming and editing our theme video.  There were many days in which Ali would still be in school at 4 o’clock  finishing up all the details.  Her never ending energy kept us on our toes.

Shauna Fumicello- Shauna’s words grace all of the  pages in the book.  She spent many hours trying to find the right words to put on these pages for you.  She really made sure we took note of every detail for all of the pages.

Nancy Tran- We learned the quiet one was not so quiet. She has a wonderful sense of humor and is very fun to be with.  Nancy took charge of all the club pages and spent many hours scanning in all of your photos.  Her warm personality will be missed.

Hao Mach-The title of Photoshop king goes to Hao.  He became an expert on photoshoping and teaching others  how to use Photoshop on all the pages in the book.  He was our number one photographer who took hundreds of photos for us.  He truly enjoyed being the only guy on the staff and stated that being on yearbook was the best thing he did in high school.

Emily Dunnigan - Emily has used her strong artistic skills to design many of your pages. When she was presented with a challenge, she did it with a smile.  Her can do attitude really held the team together especially during our long hours of work.

Taylor Platon- When we think of Taylor we always see her bright smile and positive outlook on life.  Her relentless pursuit of being a perfectionist for every page had us working nights and weekends making sure every t was crossed and every I was dotted.  She always made sure our team stayed focused

Kathryn Thifault- Kathryn took pride in designing many different pages of the book. Her strong design sense and ability to help others made a difference.  I realize at times it might have been stressful working with your mother but we both knew we had a passion for yearbooks.  I will certainly miss her on the staff.


A message to classmates was read by Nancy Tran

Dear classmates,

We’re always going to have people telling us we can’t pick our family. Yet, Mrs. Thifault and Mrs. Getherall are fortunate enough to get to choose theirs every April. Through a series of interviews and resume overlooks our junior year, our yearbook advisors chose the seven students that they thought would work together best. Our staff did just that. We brainstormed our dream book, one that would make each one of you feel proud to graduate in the class of 2012. The reason this staff worked together so well, was because we all had a common goal: to make this the best book to leave the halls of Woburn High. We’ve taken care of this book for the past year and a half, now it’s your turn.  We would  like to thank everyone you for helping us with the book. Every request for photo, voting, quotes  or making the videos was done with smile.



Hao Mach presented a thank you to the staff.

Hello fellow seniors, faculty, family, friends; I’m glad you didn’t get lost on your way here. I just want to point out our exits which are to my left and to my right and just in case my speech crashes your seats double as floatation devices.  I want to take this short moment to make a few thank-you’s on behalf of this year’s yearbook staff.


Thank you to Susan Happel, our yearbook representative, who guided us through every obstacle imaginable, for being a bridge from the publishing plant in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania to us, along with spreading her contagious smiles.  She was like a second mother to all of us; in fact, she still is.


Thank you to one of our two advisors, Mrs. Thifault   Yes, she was strict. Yes, she made ridiculous deadlines. At the end of the day we made a wonderful yearbook because of the decisions and rules she helped us set.  Thank you, Mrs. Thifault, for not only guiding us through the yearbook process this year but also for guiding every yearbook process for the past nine years and counting. 

Thank you to our Co-Advisor, Mrs. Getherall for being the exact opposite of Mrs. Thifault in a good way.  When you see the perfect spacing between all the senior profiles think of Mrs. Getherall because, trust me, it is one of the most tedious jobs in the whole yearbook process.  Mrs. Getherall is the most meticulous person I’ve ever met and she handled all the money and all the intricate pages.  Thank you, Mrs. Getherall, for six awesome years and counting. Thank you class of 2012 and faculty members because you all gave us the opportunity to make this wonderful yearbook.


Finally, thank you to these six beautiful ladies who make up the yearbook staff besides me: Kathryn Thifault, Taylor Platon, Nancy Tran, Shauna Fumicello, Ali Chapman, and Emily Dunnigan.  All seven of us had a magnificent time making the yearbook and I hope you all enjoy the yearbook.


Please come say hi, give us some feedback, and most definitely sign our yearbooks it does not matter who you are! Thank you and we hope you all will enjoy reading it as much as we did making it. 



Mrs. Susan Thifault closed the ceremony with the following words.

I just a have few personal thoughts before we close.  Over 30 years ago, I sat in your seat listening to my class advisor speak to my class of 1980.  My advisor who happened to be my mother told our class that we were special to her. I now echo those words to you.  You are a very special class to me.  Because through my daughter Kathryn , I was honored to know many of you. I look out into the audience and I see so many of you that I have personally known since you were six years old.  I have given you rides, coached you on the field, and invited you into our  home.  I have watched you grow up before my very eyes and it is hard to believe you are graduating.  From the days of youth soccer, girl scouts, boy scouts, softball, baseball, religion classes or field day,   I have watched you become young men and women.    I will truly miss all of you.  I would like to leave you with this thought….cherish these last few moments of high school. Take the time to thank the people who made a difference in your life.  Thank your friends for being there for you over the past twelve years .  Remember, one person can make a difference in your life.  Knowing all of you has made a difference in my life.  May you always remember this moment.


Nancy Tran created the final video as a goodbye to the class.  Best Wishes Class of 2012.



The ceremony and videos will be broadcast on the Woburn Public Media Center.

Please check the following channels for viewing- Comcast 9, 99, 22; RCN 3, 13, 15 and Verizon 43, 45, 47.