September 1822x3a 2017 National GEARUP Week

September 18-22: 2017 National GEARUP Week

Calling all Sophomores-Luminous Wolves-Class of 2020!  Join in the National GEARUP Week activities!  Come to the Waipahu High School Cafeteria after school on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday to add to the Class of 2020 Dream Board and make signs for Homecoming.  


  • National GEARUP's Kick Off is on Tuesday, September 19. GEARUP 2020 Officers will share upcoming GEARUP activities.  Youth Leadership Scholars will facilitate interactive leadership activities.  
  • For National GEARUP's closing, march with us in the Homecoming Parade on Friday, September 22 after Arthur's Award Competition.  


Updates will be on social media!  Add us on Instagram, Twitter, and SnapChat: gearup_2020.


Questions:  Email Ms. Galacgac at or come by E-1.