Can you helpx3f Art Materials for the Festival Tree

Can you help? Art Materials for the Festival Tree

REF has been so kind to us, by giving us 5 mini ipads for our art room 200. They are asking for our help now in offering a tree for the Festival of Trees on Dec. 7th.  We use the ipads every day in art, whether for reference on how to draw things, tracing hands and shoes for contour lines or portraits, looking at compositions, styles of art or techniques. We've had an entire term with AS6, creating stop motion videos. Will you help us help REF by bringing in 1 New art material or gift card to a craft store (like Michaels) to add to an art tree? It could be anything: erasers, pencils, colored pencils, paper, pens, tempera or acrylic paint, tape, paper clips, pastels, chalk, brushes, markers, oil pastels, beads, ribbon......

So many items can be made into art. If we can get donations, we can help REF to continue to fund projects like ours. And maybe, we can even add to our supply of ipads one day. We need them ASAP, or by Dec. 2nd so we have time to put together a tree.

Thank you,

Mrs. Davis