Waseca High School Ticket Prices

Waseca High School Ticket Prices

Game Admission/Season Sport Passes

According to school board policy, Waseca High School charges admission at the following rates:

  • Adults $7
  • Senior Citizens $4
  • Student $4

Waseca High School also offers sports passes, good for the entire school year, at  the following fees:

  • Adults $50
  • Students $25
  • Seniors $25


Athletic Registration Fees

All athletic fees are to be paid at the seasonal preseason sports registration meeting.  In order to participate on the first day of practice your student-athlete's fee must be paid prior to the first day of practice.  All checks must be made  payable to Waseca Public Schools. Effective immediately, there is a new option to pay the fees on-line through the Community Ed. portion on the school’s website.


Managers in a given sport shall not pay fees.


Waseca Junior Senior High School Athletic Registration Fees

  • Hockey $475.00 (WHA will reimburse all credits)
  • Soccer $300.00
  • All other HS sports (per season) $200.00
  • All other JH sports (per season) $100.00
  • Cheerleaders (per season) $100.00
  • Padlock deposit (refundable) $5.00


Family Athletic Fee
Maximum $750.00

Free and Reduced Fee

  • All Sports (Excluding Hockey and Soccer) $100.00
  • Hockey $237.50
  • Soccer $150.00
  • Cheerleading $50.00
  • JH Sports $50.00

*** Must qualify per Food & Nutrition Free and Reduced Application ***