Required Screening

Required Screening
Early Childhood Screening
Most Valuable for 3 Year Olds



Should you wait until your child is in Kindergarten?  NO!

Screening is REQUIRED to start kindergarten in Minnesota, but the best time for your child to be screened

is between the ages of 3 and 4.  Early Childhood Screening can detect possible health or learning concerns,

so that children can get help before they start kindergarten.  Your child's score is based on age so doing the

screening at around age 3 1/2 does not mean that they will not score as well as if they were older.  It is more

beneficial to them at a younger age in order to try to detect possible delays.


What happens during a screening?
During the screening trained staff will check your child’s:
• Vision and hearing   
• Height & weight
• Immunization status
• Thinking, communication and language skills
• Large and small muscles
• Social/emotional development


Early Childhood Screening is FREE!
Earlier is better!



When your child turns 3, please call FEC to schedule a screening appointment!  507-835-2222 or email Nikki Benson