General Information

General Information

    Remember when you were a kid?  What did you do after school?

Many of us went home and played in the neighborhood or at parks with our friends or siblings.

We explored, invented new games, drew pictures, got messy and told stories. It was chance to use our imagination. It was a chance to be a kid.



Waseca School Age Care (SAC) offers a recreation-based program that provides a safe, fun and enriching environment for children

before and after school.


At SAC, we let kids be kids. 





We emphasize:


  • Recreational activities
  • Physical Activity
  • A safe, nurturing and structured environment
  • Creativity
  • Homework support
  • Opportunities to develop social skills
  • Positive adult relationships
  • Exploration of individual interests


In SAC, children spend time with their friends and participate in structured activities designed to meet their interests and skills.

Each SAC program is led by a skilled adult with a combination of high school freshness, college education, professional training and job experience.

This background provides the foundation for SAC leaders to meet the developmental needs of school age children.

School Year:
6:30am to 8:00am (K-6th at Central Building, transportion provided to Hartley, WIS, Team and Sacred Heart)
6:30am to 6:00pm (Preschool at Central Building)
2:45-6:00pm (K-6 afterschool at Central Building, transportation provided from Hartley, WIS,Team and Sacred Heart)
6:30am to 6:00pm (meals and transportation to Community Education Activities provided free of cost)
Contact Us:
Phone: (507) 835-3187
Program Coordinator: Molly Kopischke
0-4 hours per week: $13.00
4-8 hours per week: $24.00
8-12 hours per week: $34.00
12-16 hours per week: $45.00
16-20 hours per week: $56.00
20-24 hours per week: $67.00
24-28 hours per week: $78.00
28-32 hours per week: $88.00
32-36 hours per week: $99.00
36+ hours per week: $113.00
With funding from Waseca Area United Way (which allows for a sliding fee scale of up to 15% off each week) there are financial
options available so that every family has access to our program.
SAC accepts Child Care Assistance also!
Please ask for more information when registering! 
Click on the link below to pay your invoice online!