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Buildings/Grounds Staff



Welcome to the Waseca Public Schools Buildings and Grounds Department.


Our goal is to provide a clean, healthy, safe and welcoming environment for students, staff and visitors who use our facilities and grounds.


The Buildings and Grounds department is responsible for the maintenance, cleaning and care of all Waseca Public School buildings.  The department is also responsible for all grounds, indoor Air Quality, and Health and Safety.


Name Building Position Telephone E-mail Address
Mike Buker JSH Head Custodian 837-5570
Kyle Gallagher JSH Custodian
Jacob Hill JSH Custodian

Ryan West JSH Custodian
Randy Seberson JSH Custodian
Jim Hill Central Head Custodian 837-5496
Brian Kortuem Central Custodian
Dean Meyer All Bldgs District Delivery
Steve Russell WIS Head Custodian 835-3000
Al Hinderscheit WIS Custodian
Tim Johnson HA Head Custodian 835-2248
Mark Bartelt HA Custodian   
Steve Johnson All Bldgs Maintenance
Jay Sybilrud All Bldgs Maintenance
John Stenzel All Bldgs Buildings and Grounds Director 837-5489