Special Ed Staff Directory

Special Ed Staff Directory


Special Education Office

507-835-5046/Fax: 507-837-5536

501 East Elm Ave

Waseca, MN 56093 









Director of Special Education

Heather Harms harh@waseca.k12.mn.us

Assistant Director of Special Education

Deanna Gronseth grod@waseca.k12.mn.us

Administrative Assistant

Angie Lund luna@waseca.k12.mn.us

Office Assistant


Vilay Miller milv@waseca.k12.mn.us

Central Building - Ages B-5

501 East Elm Ave

Waseca, MN 56093


EC:SE/KinderPrep Teacher Jessica Branham braj@waseca.k12.mn.us
EC:SE Teacher Lisa Schroeder schl@waseca.k12.mn.us 
EC:SE Speech-Language Pathologist Laura Jensen jenl@waseca.k12.mn.us 
EC:SE Homebased Sandy Kopp kops@waseca.k12.mn.us 
Case Facilitator/Help Me Grow Carol Schaper schc@waseca.k12.mn.us 



Hartley Elementary - Grades K-3


605 7th Street NE

Waseca, MN 56093


EBD Teacher KaBree Krier krik@waseca.k12.mn.us 
LD Teacher Meghan Selvik selm@waseca.k12.mn.us 
DCD-S/Autism Teacher Hannah Sheehy sheh@waseca.k12.mn.us 
DCD/Austism Teacher Maggie Ruedy ruem@waseca.k12.mn.us 
Speech-Language Pathologist Jolene Hauger hauj@waseca.k12.mn.us 
Adaptive Phy-Ed Rita Miller milr@waseca.k12.mn.us 
Case Facilitator Elizabeth Deen deee@waseca.k12.mn.us  507-835-0972



Intermediate School - Grades 4-6


400 19th Ave NW

Waseca, MN 56093


Therapuetic/EBD Teacher Anastasia Garza gara@waseca.k12.mn.us 
Therapeutic Social Worker Barb Olson olsb@waseca.k12.mn.us 
EBD Teacher Megan Johnson johm@waseca.k12.mn.us 
EBD Teacher Jackie Moen moej@waseca.k12.mn.us
LD Teacher Michele Priebe prim@waseca.k12.mn.us
DCD-S/Autism Teacher Jackie Baumgard bauj@waseca.k12.mn.us 
Speech-Language Pathologist  Malorie Kutil  kutm@waseca.k12.mn.us 

Case Facilitator 

Delores Srp srpd@waseca.k12.mn.us   507-835-0947



Junior/Senior High School - Grades 7-12


1717 2nd Ave NW

Waseca, MN  56093


Therapeutic/EBD Teacher Alyssa Weller wela@waseca.k12.mn.us 
Therapeutic Social Worker Jenny Sandbeck sanj@waseca.k12.mn.us   
Therapeutic Mental Health Thereapist  Sara Loose loos@waseca.k12.mn.us   
EBD-Autism Teacher Holly Baish baih@waseca.k12.mn.us   
EBD/LD Teacher Monica Davison davm@waseca.k12.mn.us  
LD Teacher Sheryl Wilder wils@waseca.k12.mn.us 
LD Teacher Anne Mitchell mita@waseca.k12.mn.us
LD/OHD Teacher Ruth Oftedahl oftr@waseca.k12.mn.us
DCD-S/Autism Teacher LuAnn Ross rosl@waseca.k12.mn.us 
DCD/Autism Teacher Lyndee Nohner nohl@waseca.k12.mn.us 
Speech-Language Pathologist Heidi McCabe mcch@waseca.k12.mn.us
Case Facilitator Mary Opsahl opsm@waseca.k12.mn.us 507-837-5557


 WAGE (Work Assessment towards Gainful Employment) Grades 7-12


136 17th Ave NE

Waseca, MN 56093


Work Based Learning Teacher Diane Roesler roed@waseca.k12.mn.us 



WCOC - Grades 7-12


501 East Elm Avenue

Waseca, MN 56093


Therapeutic/EBD Teacher Michele Ulferts ulfm@waseca.k12.mn.us
Therapeutic Mental Health Practioner Cara McDonough mcdc@waseca.k12.mn.us
Therapeutic/EBT Teacher Brittany Sanders sanb@waseca.k12.mn.us 
Case Facilitator Mary Opsahl opsm@waseca.k12.mn.us 507-837-5557





 Alternative Learning Center - Grades 7-12 


501 East Elm Ave

Waseca, mn 56093



 LD/OHI Teacher



Special ED Teacher

Jane Christian



Special ED Teacher

Terry Gjersvik



 Social Worker

Carrie Farr



Case Facilitator

Mary Opsahl





 District Wide Staff



School Psychologist

Kristina Yarkpa



Mental Health Professional 

Kristi Huttemier



 Autism Consultant /Third Party Billing

Tracy Helms



Hearing Impaired Teacher

Becky Johnson



Speech Assistant  Emily Irvin 507-837-5474 irve@waseca.k12.mn.us 
Adaptive Phy-Ed Dawn Barrie 507-835-0946 bard@waseca.k12.mn.us 
Occupational Therapist Rachel Kluver 507-833-0781 klur@waseca.k12.mn.us
COTA Sandy Miller 507-837-5492 mils@waseca.k12.mn.us 
Physical Therapist Linda Beiser 507-837-5494 beil@waseca.k12.mn.us
POHI Consultant Jacki Madden 507-934-5420 jacki.madden@mnved.org
Vision Consultant Meredith Tietz 507-389-1889 mtietz@mnscsc.org