quotPquot Drive From Anywhere Using Filr

"P" Drive From Anywhere Using Filr

Direct access to your P drive and other shared folders from your mobile device. You can use your smartphone, tablet, netbook, laptop, home desktop, ipad, or iphone to obtain direct access to your files and folders. There is no need to copy your file(s) to an external location like dropbox and worry about where you saved the latest version of your file, the security of your files, the speed of your internet access, how to get a virus free client, and how to correctly install the ie:dropbox client. 


With Filr, you can access your files and folders using the built-in web browser or install a school supplied client with supported technical help. If you use the client you can also set it up to synchronize your files between your device and folders in your P drive automatically.



With Filr, your files remain on the existing server, eliminating the need to move or duplicate files. Filr integrates seamlessly with your existing folders, including home directories and network shares. This allows immediate access to your files.


Filr uses your Novell ID and Password for file access. This ensures authorized access and eliminates another id and password to remember.


Option 1 / The Web Based Version:


  1. You can try out the web based version of Filr by going to: https://filr.waseca.k12.mn.us:8443 in any web browser. If you see: There is a problem with this website's security certificate. Click on: Continue to this website. 
  2. Enter your ID and Password and you should then see the link to Home in My Files.
  3. This is a link to the Filr Quick Start Guide http://www.novell.com/documentation/novell-filr1/pdfdoc/filr1_qs_user/filr1_qs_user.pdf that will help you get started using Filr Web Access if you need more information, and also has links to quick start guides for the other Filr clients and apps.


Option 2 / From Your Mobile Device:


  1. The Filr mobile app is available in the Apple iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon app stores. Filr is free and you will need to search for FILR and install it.
  2. It will ask you 3 things once the application is installed and is run for the first time:



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