Program Description

Program Description
Describes function and purpose of the therapeutic program

  Program Description


The Waseca Area Schools Therapeutic Program (WASTP).  This is Federal Setting Level 2 and Level 3 academic and mental health special education program, which serves students with a few targeted concerns, including:

–     Emotional

–     Behavioral

–     Mental Health Needs

And the students participating require:

- Support

- Accommodations

- Modifications

- Individual plans, specifically: Individual Education Plans and

  Individual Treatment Plans

It is a requirement that all students being served in the program have a current mental health diagnosis, as rendered by a mental health professional.  See Guideline 1.0 Admission to the WASTP.

The Staff.  Program staff consist of the following, working together collaboratively:

-          Therapeutic Teacher

-          Mental Health Therapist

-          School Social Worker/Program Coordinator

-          Mental Health Paraprofessionals


Student Expectations. According to the United States Constitution, the needs and rights of a group take priority over an individual’s rights.  These rights are called the Compelling State Interests and there are four of them all of us need to work to assure:

1. Property Loss or Damage

2. Legitimate Educational Purpose

3. Health and Safety

4. Serious Disruption of the Educational Process


Property loss or damage.  In interpreting this compelling interest, we must assure that the participants in the program take care of school property and equipment. Therefore, rules are established requiring students to:

  • Ø Respect and care for the personal property of yourself and others.
  • Ø Borrow property of others only after receiving permission.
  • Ø If you break or damage property, you will need to fix, replace, or pay for it.


Legitimate Education Purpose.  Students need to be responsible for his or her own learning.  This means that students in the program are expected to learn actively, work hard, and do your best.  Be involved, come to school prepared to learn, be a good listener, turn in assignments on time, study outside of class, have necessary materials, set a good example for others, feel good about oneself, and be on time.

Health and Safety.  Students need to behave in a manner that is safe for everyone in the program.  The following expectations apply due to this compelling interest:

  • Ø Be kind and considerate with words and actions.
  • Ø Use furniture and equipment appropriately.
  • Ø Walk in the building.
  • Ø Respect the physical boundaries of others.


Serious Disruption of the Educational Process.  This is interpreted by the program as meaning that participants need respect the rights and needs of others.  Students are expected to:

  • Ø Learn, work, and play without disrupting others.
  • Ø Show courtesy towards others by in actions as well as words; cooperate to help others learn.