Getting into 4 year Colleges in North Dakota

Getting into 4 year Colleges in North Dakota

New Admission policy for

ND University System Four-Year Colleges

Beginning with the class of 2015


1.  A mathematical formula will be used to calculate Index Scores to determine academic eligibility for admission to baccalaureate programs.  Index scores will be differentiated by basic Carnegie classification of institution types into three categories:  Research Universities (North Dakota State University and University of North Dakota); Masters Universities (Minot State University) and Baccalaureate Colleges (Dickinson State University, Mayville State University, Valley City State University).


2.  An Index score for each student will be calculated based on ACT scores, high school grade point average, and the number of core classes up to 15 units (credits).

The Index Scores is calculated in this manner:  (3 X ACT score) + (20 X GPA) + (5 X core) + (10 points for being a ND resident).  So what this would mean for a North Dakota resident applicant who has a GPA of 3.00, an ACT score of a 19, and has taken 13 core classes the formula would be like this:   (3 X 19)+(20 X 3.00)+(5 X 13) + 10 = 192.  That Index Score would allow the student access to the Master University and Baccalaureate Colleges but would require an admission review to attend a Research University.  Students are strongly urged to apply for college admission by November 15 in the year prior to their attendance so as to allow time for the college admission office to review their application for admission.


3.  The following Index Scores are determined to be automatically academically eligible for admission:

Research Universities:  210

Masters Universities:  190

Baccalaureate Colleges:  180


4.  Universities are authorized to determine the academic eligibility for admission of students with Index Scores in the following ranges:

Research Universities 190-210

Masters Universities 170-190

Baccalaureate Colleges 160-180


Institutions are authorized to admit a limited number of students with Index Scores below the ranges identified in #4 above.  Institutions will report annually on the retention of these students.


Core classes at Watford City High School are:


Math:  Algebra I, Algebra II, College Algebra, Pre-Calculus, AP Calculus, Applied Math I, Applied Math II 


English:  English I, English II, English III, English IV, Composition, Speech


Social Studies:  World History, US History, Government, Law & Justice, Contemporary Affairs, Sociology, Psychology, Regional Geography, Economics


Science:  Physical Science, Biology, Advanced Biology, Anatomy, Applied Biochemistry, Physics, Chemistry, Astronomy, & Ecology.


Additional core are Spanish I, Spanish II.


Students who transfer to Watford City High School and have earned credit elsewhere need to contact NCAA to determine if the classes they have earned credit in meet the core requirements for the high school that the previously earned credit is through.


Some special education courses also meet core; please see the counselor or assistant principal for a list of these courses.