Graduation Requirements

Graduation Requirements


The North Dakota Department of Public Instruction Graduation Worksheet is found here:

A brochure outlining the ND Scholarship Program is found here:

A worksheet for the ND Scholarship Program is found here:


Watford City High School Graduation Requirements:

Students wishing to graduate from Watford City High School must acquire at least 22 credits and must complete a minimum of eight semesters of high school course work which must include the following:


English:  4 credits

Mathematics:  3 credits

Laboratory Science:  3 credits including Biology, Physical Science, and one credit or two one-half credits of another lab science.

Social Studies:  3 credits including US History (1), Government (.5), and Economics (.5), plus one other social studies credit.  

PE/Health:  1 credit in Physical Education OR one-half credit in Physical Education and one-half credit in Health.

3 credits from one or more of the following categories:  Foreign Language; Native American Languages; Fine Arts; Career & Technical.

5 additional credits from any of the above categories.


In addition to meeting the above graduation requirements, any senior who moves to McKenzie County District #1 and who wishes to graduate from Watford City High School MUST be enrolled and present at the start of the second nine-week quarter of their senior year (usually Mid-October).  


This link will take you to the Department of Public Instruction graduation requirement worksheet: