Home and School Communication

Home and School Communication

Grade and Progress Reports

Individual parent-teacher conferences are scheduled at least once during the school year. The conference is arranged to provide an opportunity for parents and teachers to discuss a child's progress frankly, honestly and confidentially. Additional conferences may be scheduled as the need arises.


The goal of the conference is to establish a positive step toward knowing and understanding a child more thoroughly so that the instructional program will serve him/her better.


Notes from Parents

Messages from parents are always welcome. Please send notes in a sealed envelope properly labeled, so that delivery to the intended person may result.


Parent Involvement

There are may opportunities for parental involvement in U-46. Some parents serve as "room representatives" and volunteers in classrooms while others sit on district-wide committees. Each building principal is familiar with the range of activities available to parents/guardians of U-46 students.


Citizen's Advisory Council (C.A.C.)

For more than 30 years, the CAC of U-46 has served as an advisory group to the Board of Education. Each school is represented by five parents/citizens who attend monthly meetings at Elgin High School's library. The CAC works throughout the school year to study and research subjects relevant to U-46. They include enrollment and facilities, financial resources, special education/populations, legislation and other topics of interest to citizens. Reports are written in the spring and presented to the Board of Education for consideration.


District-Wide Committees

Throughout the school year, parents are included in advisory committees and task forces. If you are available and interested in participating, please call the School and Community Relations office at (847) 888-5000, ext. 5040.


Parent Group - PTO/PTA's

Each school has a parent group. Most parent groups in U-46 are Parent-Teacher Organizations (PTOs). Wayne Elementary School has a PTW - Parents & Teachers of Wayne. Parents serve as officers on the PTO Board along with the building principal and teacher representatives. The parent group provides resources to the school by organizing volunteers for events, programs and activities. Fund-raising events and enrichment programs are also presented by parent groups.


Each high school also has a parent group and "booster clubs," which support athletic events.


The Parent Group Network

This organization is comprised of all parent group presidents of elementary and middle schools. The group meets quarterly to provide a forum for leaders to share ideas.


Check with the building principals to learn more about the parent group activities at each school.



Important messages from the parent will be delivered to the children. Student use of the school telephone is discouraged and is usually limited to calling for parent permission to remain after school. Children must have permission from their teacher before using the telephone. In case of illness, accident or other emergencies, a staff member will make the necessary telephone calls.



The district and each school provide a variety of activities for students, parents and community interaction and visitation of schools is encouraged. For individual visits, arrangements need to be made with the principal in advance. This procedure is in accordance with established district policies.