Student Learning

Student Learning

The District Improvement Plan guides the work of School District U-46. The plan is directing the district efforts to achieve the goal of Academic Success for All Students. To meet this goal, the district has developed the Curriculum Roadmap. The Roadmap provides an overview of the curriculum at each grade level. Click here to visit the Curriculum and Instruction homepage to find out more about content and curriculum in the different instructional areas. 


Programs at Wayne Elementary School

  • Reading – Accelerated Reader
  • Math - Everyday Math, Algebra (6th Grade)
  • Science - FOSS
  • Technology


At Wayne Elementary School when parents ask what they can do to help their children at home, teachers have a ready answer: Read to/with your child and take them online. Programs such as Kids College and Skills Tutor are learning tools that allow students to practice academic skills through activities individualized to meet their needs.

Activities related to the curriculum are also available online in programs related to the curriculum such as
Everyday Math for Parents, Everyday Math for Students and FOSS Science Parents' Corner. Their use is encouraged. 


Because the parents are working with their children on activities at home, computer time at school in the second semester will be used to teach students new programs and expand the tools they are able to use. Teaching programs such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint can be used by students to create reports. They are also encouraged to learn to use digital cameras and scanners to enhance their work.  While students are demonstrating what they have learned by creating exciting projects, they are also learning computer skills they will be using for years.