AP Diploma

AP Diploma
Available to Gifted Students

West Shore AP Diploma

Student  Requirements:

v  Student must take at least six full-year AP courses (or a combination of full-year courses and semester courses totaling six full credits), earning scores of 3 or higher on the exams for those courses.


v  AP courses must be chosen from at least 3 discipline areas:

o   Language/Literature

  English Language and Composition

  English Literature

  French Language

  French Literature

  German Language


  Spanish Language

  Spanish Literature

o   Math

  Calculus AB

  Calculus BC


o   Humanities


  Music Theory

o   Social Science

  American Government

  Comparative Governments


  Human Geography

  U. S. History

  European History


  World History

o   Science


  Physics B


  Physics C

  Computer Science

  Environmental Science


v  All students who meet eligibility requirements will receive a Brevard Public School AP Diploma.


v  Although students will be recognized for completing the BPS AP Diploma requirements prior to high school graduation, the diploma will be awarded after AP scores are received at the end of the senior year.