2018 19 Athletic Packet Completion Information

2018 -19 Athletic Packet Completion Information

Physical / Consent Forms Information


 1.       Student Athlete’s physical and consent forms (EL2, EL3, EL3CH, EL3CH Addendum) are good for one year.  After a year has passed, the Student Athlete will not be able to participate in any school sports until all four new forms (EL2, EL3, EL3CH, EL3CH Addendum) are completed.  This includes trying out for a team.  Incomplete paperwork = no try outs or participation.


2.       Please make sure all forms are signed and completed.  Some frequently missed items are:  doctor signature on EL2, health insurance policy number on EL3, parent and student signatures on all forms.


3.       Original copies of the completed forms need to be turned into the coach of the first sport you are trying out for. 


4.       Please keep copies of your forms to give to coaches of other sports the Student Athlete will try out for (Example: if you try out for volleyball which is in the fall, and you are trying out for soccer which is in the winter, you will give the original to the volleyball coach and another copy to the soccer coach).