Message From Principal

Message From Principal

Greetings Wildcat Nation,


I hope this school year is off to a great start for everyone as I know that we’ve had a lot of changes in schedules, personnel, and facilities and sometimes change can be difficult. My reason in sending you this note today is to ask for help from our Wildcat families!!! I was talking to a Principal colleague of mine the other day at a meeting and she shared the challenges she had of getting parent volunteers into her building to assist with things like the model we have here at West Shore. While we were talking we began brainstorming on a possible “volunteer share” or “partnership” that could help boost the extra assistance in her building while at the same time offer a way for our parents to get additional hours needed to meet their 20 hour total for the year.


Ms. Joy Salamone (Principal of Harbor City Elementary) has a high concentration of Free and Reduced Lunch students (70+%) whose parents obviously have a very difficult time getting off work to come in and volunteer; hence “teacher helper” tasks like copying, cutting, making things, and reading to children often get pushed to the side. It is with this in mind that I humbly ask for your collective assistance in meeting some of these needs for our “adopted” elementary school. Ms. Salamone is obviously very excited about the prospects of some help for her teachers and students and will welcome any volunteer help with open arms.


While I know and understand that many of you have younger children at surrounding elementary schools it is Harbor City that West Shore decided to adopt due to its’ proximity to West Shore and the high concentration of students in need. Therefore, unfortunately the hours volunteered at Harbor City will be the only ones we can count toward our 20 hour total for West Shore. Should you choose to volunteer at Harbor City to “donate” some hours, Ms. Salamone has agreed to set up a volunteer log and will track the hours and send them to us on a spreadsheet at the conclusion of the school year. We will then log them in our database thus giving you credit for meeting your 20 hour requirement.   


Thank you in advance for your time and consideration for this initiative. As always, your collective help and assistance is always very much appreciated!!




Mr. Fleming