Summer PERT Program at PB Lakes HS

Summer PERT Program at P.B. Lakes HS
For students who have not yet earned a proficient Algebra 1 EOC score. Click here for details.
Students who have not earned the Algebra 1 EOC score required for graduation may attend the Summer PERT program offered at Palm Beach Lakes High School.
Location: Palm Beach Lakes High School
Dates: June 12th - June 29th
Time: 7:30am-11:30am
Other: Transportation, breakfast, and lunch provided.
Personalized computer-based PERT instruction will culminate with weekly PERT testing opportunities. Students earning a concordant score of 97 or higher on the PERT will not need to return to the program. Students who do not earn the minimum of 97 on the weekly PERT testing will be invited back until they earn the 97, or until the program concludes June 29th.
The find my bus stop app on the school district website is also up and running for those students with transportation needs.
Any questions at this point in time can be directed to Ms. Alisha McKnight at Palm Beach Lakes via 561-640-5000.