Science Fair Research

Science Fair Research

Science Fair Research Help

When you are doing research for your science fair project, make sure your sources are reliable.  Books, encyclopedias and other sources are available at the school media center. If you need help, please don't hesitate to ask Mrs. K. or Mrs. Howald.


Online resources can be tricky.  Verify information from the internet before using it in a project.  Using Wikipedia is very strongly discouraged since it is an editable website.  The facts on the site can be changed at any time, so it cannot be counted as a reliable source.


Parents, please monitor your children when they are online. Many innocent searches can result in finding inappropriate or inaccurate materials.


Kid-Friendly Search Engines


Other Reliable Research Sites:


           Ask your teacher or Mrs. K for the username and password.





Florida Electronic Library- 

              GaleNet/InfoTrac- Databases including encyclopedias, magazines, newspapers, charts,

            graphs, pictures 

            To access databases, look at "Featured Resources," click on "View all resources" 

            The best databases for students are: Student Edition, Kids Edition, Kids InfoBits, Junior

            Reference Collection.