More Web Resources

More Web Resources
Wonderful Webware For All:

Maps 101 is a great site to locate maps for all ages.  You can even find up-to-date maps of current events as well as ancient times.

Brainpop is an awesome site for short clips to go with your lessons for all subjects.  Students can easily do this independently at any grade level.

SOLpass is a terrific site to review SOL's for grades 2 - 5.  Complete with study guides and wonderful games this site from the Virginia Department of Education quizzes students on specific SOL knowledge.  I highly recommend this site for all students.

Kids Infobits is a wonderful data base for students to do research from periodicals, flags and symbols, maps, and images.

NetTrekker is a terrific search engine for teachers.  You can search by SOL for great lesson plans or learning activities.  My favorite search engine for educational sites.

United Streaming lets you download video clips for your lessons specific to your SOL's.  I rank this very high and easy to use.  The students really love the clips.

Marcopolo is a very handy site for all kinds of lessons and activities for every subject.   Professional Development is also offered here as well as a search engine for SOL based activities.  Marcopolo has also partnered with ArtsEdge (Arts Integration), EconEdLink (Economics), EdSITEment (Humanities), Illuminations (Mathematics),   Read*Write*Think (Reading and Language Arts), Science Netlinks (Science), and Xpeditions (Geography).

WorldBook Online is a great site for researching.  It includes an Atlas, Dictionary, Encyclopedia, and an Exploring Virginia resource section.  Another great feature is the Surf the Ages section.  You can learn all about Ancient Times, Middle Ages, and Modern times in a fun and interactive way.  There are too many features to list about this wonderful site. 

Virginia Department of Education has great information for parents and teachers.  This is where you can locate the "Essential Questions and Knowledge" for the SOL's which are wonderful tools to use in lesson plans and testing.  Most of the SOL questions come from the "Essential Knowledge" found on DOE's website.  It also has many other area to help you with education.  Check it out!