How do I register my child?

Students must register at the school they are zoned to attend before beginning classes.


Can I complete just one Magnet School application for my second grader and fourth grader?
No. A separate Magnet School Application must be submitted for each child.

Will the YCSD grading system be used in the Elementary Magnet Schools?

Will all three of my children be able to attend a specific Magnet School if one of them is accepted?
Not necessarily; All applications for a Magnet School will be processed using a random selection based on grade level.

Are the SOLS covered in the Magnet Programs?

My child currently attends Yorktown Elementary Math, Science, and Technology Magnet School. If I opt my child out of the MST Magnet School, will the school division provide transportation to and from Dare Elementary for my child?
No. Parents of YES students who "opt-out" of the MST Magnet School will be responsible for the transportation of their children to and from Dare Elementary.

Can my child be enrolled in an Elementary Magnet School and still participate in PEP/ EXTEND programs?
Yes. Magnet School students who have been identified for gifted education services may continue to participate in PEP or EXTEND.

My child currently attends Yorktown Elementary. If I opt out of the Math, Science, and Technology Magnet, may I choose the elementary school he/she will attend?
No. YES Students who "opt-out" of the Magnet School must attend Dare Elementary.

Once my child is accepted into a Magnet School, is he/she automatically in the Magnet until the end of elementary school?

Does a child have to apply every year to be in the Magnet Program?
No. Once a child is accepted into the Magnet program, he/she does not have to re-apply each year.

If my child attends the Magnet School, and I decide that I no longer want my child in the Magnet, what is the process for withdrawing him/her and having him/her return to his/her previous elementary school?
Parents who wish to withdraw their child from an elementary Magnet School must complete a Magnet Withdrawal Form and comply with the Magnet School Withdrawal Policy. Students who with draw from the Magnet School will be re-enrolled in the elementary school for which they are zoned based on their residence.

My child goes to Grafton Bethel Elementary School. If he/she is accepted into an Elementary Magnet Program, where will he go to middle school after 5th grade?
After fifth grade, Magnet School students will attend the middle school for which they are zoned based on their residence. A students who currently attends GBES and is accepted into a Magnet Program will go to GMS after 5th grade.

Must parents pay for Medallion child care before and after school for Magnet School students?
Yes. Parents of the Magnet school students who choose to use the Medallion child care program before and after school are responsible for the cost of the child care and making arrangements with Medallion.