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Edmodo ... How to sign up!

EDMODO… our educational “facebook.” We have created a class group for NS-1, 2/3 and 4’s for class work. (Classes will be using it for blogs, and quizzes during the year, yea!)


In addition, there are team separate sub groups so they will be able to communicate in a safe monitored environment.


Each cadet & parent can have their own sign in.  


  • Go to our public website and under “Links” and click on “Cadets - EDMODO”
  • Click on “I’m a student” and enter the group code “42ntjy” to join our group.
  • Please use this standard username format: First initial, Last name then YHS (or GHS,  Ex: “FLast_YHS”)
    • If you already have a username, let me know your username, you can sign in with that and get access to our group code…
  • Parents:
    • After the cadet has signed in we’ll be able to create a parent code for anyone who wants it.
    • Also, keeping parents informed is easier that ever, just text "27291" with the class code and we'll send automatic updates.  NO Smartphone required!


 This is a monitored site and we’ll be able to keep an eye on what is happening… the S/NSI will have administrative control.