Dress Code

Dress Code
Dress Code


Students are expected to dress appropriately for school. Students who violate the dress code need to secure appropriate clothing or will be placed in ATS until the parent brings appropriate clothing.


Examples of inappropriate clothing items include, but are not limited to: halter tops, clothing which exposes the midriff (pants must be worn at the waistline) or undergarments, tight or suggestive clothing, clothing which promotes drugs or alcohol, non-religious head coverings, or pajama-like clothing (clothing that is not intended for the business of learning). Administrators and staff will implement the following general guidelines:

  • Shorts and skirts (with or without hosiery/tights) must be 4 inches or less above the top of the knee.
  • Form fitting clothing, such as yoga pants and leggings, must be worn with an appropriate garment.
  • The straps of sleeveless shirts must be at least 3 inches wide.
  • The necklines of shirts shall be modest and not revealing.
  • Clothing that may be disruptive to the normal operation of the school.
  • For safety reasons students are encouraged not to wear open-toed shoes.
  • Additional guidelines may be issued by YMS administration.Please refer to the York      County School Division Student Handbook and Conduct Code Handbook 2017-2018,   “Student Responsibilities.”