Absecon School District

Picture representing Absecon School District

Thank you to all who have taken the time out of their busy lives to be a part of our school team volunteering in many capacities throughout the year and they are:

Virginia Pattison, Dottie Iaconelli, Erin Seif, Amy Evans, Rodney Rourke, Charlene Rourke, Trish Cayanan, Rose Guerrera, Lisa Loeb, Brenna Watson, Amy Ketchek, Noel Grodziak, Courtney Neal, John DeRitis, Megan Marczk, Tara Roman, Doug Kurtz, Michelle Costello, Sharon Schlater, Eva Campbell, Heather Matis, Jen Auer, Jessica Gragg, Bob Gragg, Shaylyn Mears, Laura Mills, Kelly McNulty, Alice Woods, Tracy Calabrese, Yolanda Georgio, Maricel Ramos, Lis Woods, Shannon Marrone, Donna Allen, Aly Koch, Kelei Allen, Russel Bergeron, Kim Mastro, Kim Brandenberger, Shelly Dessicino, Ashley Boyle, Nicole O'Neill, Celeste Smith, Angela Callari, Wendy LaVigna, Michelle Reed, Lyn Waldman, Deb Turner, Doug Scholder, Erin Borkowski, Joe Festa, Steve, Matis, Billy Tracy, Jr., Jessie Lewis, Katie McCabe, Nicole Rynkiewicz, Kim Cappuccio, Marybeth Cialini, Janice Clarke, Ron Coiro, Jerry Hoenes, Kristin McSorley, Patricia Liguori, Beth Newman, Heather Santa Barbara, Joe Scalfaro, John White




 The Absecon Public School District is a K-8 district of 860 students located in Atlantic County, New Jersey.  We are committed to providing educational excellence by challenging our children with state-of-the-art programs which empower students to make responsible choices, achieve personal success, and contribute to a global 21st century society.


The district staff provides a welcoming and caring environment that respects individuality and diversity while nurturing everyone's self-esteem.


We resolve to ensure that all students achieve the Common Core Standards at all grade levels. High expectations are valued, community partnerships appreciated, and parental involvement encouraged. Opportunities for continued professional development are recognized and supported.


 To receive an Edline Activation Code for our website please contact the school office.