Mobile Computer Lab Tips

Mobile Computer Lab Tips
  • All the laptops are numbered on the bottom and have a corresponding  number located in the cart slot where they go.
  • All the laptops default to print printer #1, therefore if you need to print to printer #2 you will have to choose that printer manually when you select the option to print.
  • The batteries should provide you with about 4-5 hours of runtime.  Recharge them over the lunch break if they need to be used in the afternoon also.  The recharge over the lunch break should be enough to get them almost back to full power.
  • High School Students should login with their unique username & password in the following format: [first name].[last name] and the password is Jackets1 at first time logon but must be changed. Guidelines for new passwords are minimum 8 characters, combination of upper and lower case characters and at least one number.

For example...if the student's name was John Doe , their login name would be:  john.doe

  • When a high school student has logged in successfully they will be able to save documents they create to their folder on the server by saving to the H: drive.
  • Elementary students will save to their folder that is also on the H: drive.  Use student's names when naming files. 
  • Be extra careful when inserting and removing the power plugs into the laptops.  These have a tendency to break easily.
  • Be sure to shut down the laptops properly when done.  DO NOT simply close the lid and think you have shut down the laptop.
  • If you find the laptop won't print to the mobile printers please remember that the printers MUST BE POWERED ON before they will print in addition to the Netgear Wireless units that enable the printers to be able to function wirelessly.