Troubleshooting Tips

Troubleshooting Tips
  • Have you rebooted your PC (this is especially important sometimes when running Windows 9x)? If so, does the problem still occur?
  • Are all cables plugged in?  Are they secure?
  • Can you recreate the problem?
  • Have you recently changed something?  Could have this caused the problem you are experiencing?
  • Are others experiencing the same problem?  For example, you find you can't access Internet web sites....can others?
  • Are you trying to access a file on a floppy disk that worked one computer, but not on another one?  Is it asking you to format it?  This is typical of floppy disks...they are an extremely unreliable technology and if you store any valuable data on them, you are setting yourself up for loss of data.  My advice...don't use them, but if you must...make sure you have a backup.  Take advantage of server storage, USB thumb drives, maybe email the file(s) to yourself.
  • Is it plugged in?  Devices that are non-battery powered must be plugged in before they will work.