Graduation Requirements

Graduation Requirements


For the school year 2017-2018 a total of twenty-three (23) credits earned in grades nine through twelve (9-12) shall be required for high school graduation. Only one (1) of these credits may be in physical education.


English Four (4) units: English 9th-12th grade

Oral Communications-One-half (1/2) credi

Drama-One half (1/2) credit


Mathematics-Four (4) units: Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, Algebra III, Pre-Calculus, or AP Calculus.

(Comparable concurrent credit college courses may be substituted where applicable.)


Natural Science- Three (3) units with lab experience, Choose from: Physical Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Environmental Science or AP Environmental Science


Social Studies- Three (3) units: Civics (1/2 unit), Economics (1/2 unit), World History, and either AP U.S. History or American History.


Physical Education- one-half (1/2) unit

Note: No more than 1 credit may be applied toward fulfulling the necessary units for graduation.


Health and Safety- one-half (1/2) unit


Fine Arts- One unit


Career Focus- six (6) units


*Beginning with the entering 9th grade class of 2014-2015 school year, each high school student shall be required to take at least one digital learning course for credit to graduate.


To be an honor graduate, the student must also have the following: 

Foreign Language- Two (2) units of the same language for Honor Graduates

Take at least one AP class and take the AP test

Total of 25 credits