FFA State Results

FFA State Results

Friday, April 28th, Byron FFA competed in two State events.  


state poultry judging team

The Poultry Judging Team took 17th Place.  

  • Brenden Spanbauer 38th
  • Collin Condermann 63rd
  • Autumn Roth 99th


All finished in the top half in the state.  

state horticulture judging team

The Horticulture Judging Team took 4th Place in State.

  • Kayla Miller 10th
  • Kaley Mumma 13th
  • Rhea Bridgeland 16th
  • Bailey Burrows 19th
  • Trevor Trzcinski 47th


Trevor finished in the top 25% and Kayla, Kaley, Rhea and Bailey were in the top 10%.