CASSA Board Changes

CASSA Board Changes

CASSA Board Changes


I am delighted to report that ANSEA (Association of Nova Scotia Educational Administrators) has joined CASSA!  We welcome Guy LeBlanc (Executive Director) and Lisa Doucet (President) to the CASSA board and look forward to their insights from Nova Scotia.


Every year CASSA experiences a turnover in some board of director positions.

Leaving the board is Roger Nippard who has been with CASSA for many many years and departs having been our past president for the last two years.  Also leaving are John Waterhouse (CASS), Barb Isaak (MASS), Don Rempel (LEADS), Shawn Moynihan (OPSOA), Steven Colpitts (AAESQ), Cindy Fleet (PEI), Jeff Thompson (Newfoundland and Labrador), Gregg Ingersoll (NBSSA) and Shelly Peplar (Nunavut).


Joining the board are Colleen Symyrozum-Watt (CASS), Mike Borgfjord (MASS), Daryl Bazylak (LEADS), Karen Edgar (OPSOA), Christopher Fuzessy and Veronique Marin (AAESQ), Anne Bernard – Bourgeois (PEI), Bronson Collins (Newfoundland and Labrador) and Craig Caldwell (NBSSA) and Bill Cooper (Nunavut).


The last few changes I will highlight reflect the transition in the president role from Cindy Finn (AAESQ) to Anne O’Brien (OCSOA).  I want to welcome Reg Klassen (MASS) as President-Elect.  Reg has served as a member of the board, a director at large and now president-elect.


I want to offer my profound thanks to Cindy Finn (AAESQ) who represented CASSA so well across the country.  Cindy moved the organization forward and is a truly dedicated professional committed to the goals and values of the association.


Lastly, I am looking forward to working alongside Anne O’Brien.  Anne is the Director of Education for the Durham Catholic District School Board in Ontario.  She brings thirty years of experience and a strong commitment to seeing that CASSA remains a strong voice for Canadian school system leaders!


Thanks to those who have served and I look forward to the sense of renewal that can occur as new leaders emerge around the board table.