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 Support Education in Our Community Today:


  • Support Edge with a tax deductible online donation through the Network for Good website.


  • Make an AZ School Tax Credit Donation to Edge (Arizona residents can contribute up to $200 for individuals or up to $400 for married couples; the amount can then be deducted dollar for dollar from Arizona state income tax as a tax credit.


School Funding:
Funding for Arizona students is among the lowest in the nation; leaving Edge reliant on individual donations, grants and private foundations to provide a quality education with highly qualified teachers, student support services, extra-curricular activities, technology, and instructional materials.

Edge needs your help to continue providing small class sizes, individualized instruction, holistically oriented student guidance services, educational technologies, and enrichment experiences. Edge is dedicated to graduating students with the life skills necessary to succeed in the 21st century: in higher education, careers, and as productive members of our community.


For more information on how you can help contact:
Rob Pecharich at 881-1389