Save Mart SHARES Card

Save Mart SHARES Card
Save Mart Supermarkets, S-Mart Foods & Food Maxx

Save Mart SHARES Card

Use your SHARES card every time you shop at Save Mart Supermarket and KR-H will earn 3% cash on the qualified purchase.  Funds are earned quarterly and go directly into the student activities account and will benefit your student throughout the year.    

  Ask family members, friends, neighbors, coaches, etc. to agree to swipe a SHARES card on your students behalf.  Explain to them how the program works and how their support will benefit your student.  Check with them periodically to answer any questions they may have. 

Purchase Save Mart Scrip in advance and earn an additional 2%.  Swipe your SHARES card before paying with Scrip and KR-H earns 5%.

Pick up your SHARES cards in the district office.  Don't forget to pick up additional cards for your family and friends.  There is no limit to the number of cards you are allowed to have and share. 


Helpful Tips:

*  Keep your SHARES card in your wallet near your debit/credit card. 

*  Simply alert the cashier that you will be using your SHARES card.  You will then be asked to swipe your card prior to your usual form of payment.    

Use your SHARES card with every purchase, big or small.  KR-H can also earn on bakery, deli, and pharmacy purchases as well. 

*  Check out for more information.

*  Non-qualifying purchases include: postage stamps, all gift cards, Ticketmaster, event tickets, BART & transportation tickets, money orders & MoneyGram, Lotto, charity icon sales, fuel, check cashing fee, senior & liquor discounts, and sales tax.