OVSD Parent Portal

OVSD Parent Portal

Click here to access the portal: http://portal.ovsd.org


For the 2015-2016 school year Mesa View will use the AERIES parent portal to help keep you informed of your child's progress. You can log in anytime to check your child’s attendance, current grades, test scores and update your child's emergency contact information. It's completely secure, so no one else can see your personal information.


There are two steps in setting up access: creating an account and linking the account to your child. You also need a functional email address and phone number.


Creating an Account
Go to http://portal.ovsd.org
Select Create New Account
Select Parent or Student
Enter your email address and any password
Open your email, and verify your email address OR copy and paste the code sent to your email.
Your account is now set up.


In August you will recieve a letter with your child's student ID and Verification Code.

Accessing your Account / Link your child to the account


Go to http://portal.ovsd.org
Enter your email address and password – Click Login
Enter the Student Permanent ID Number: LETTER WILL BE MAILED IN AUGUST
Enter the Student Primary Telephone Number.
Enter the Verification Code: LETTER WILL BE MAILED IN AUGUST
Click Next – your account will be linked to your child. You can then add siblings with their ID and Verification codes.


Within the portal you can update contact information, emergency contacts as well as other details. If you have questions or concerns please contact your school office.