Uniform Policy

Uniform Policy
Any solid colored polo shirt with or without the Bashaw logo.
- Any Bashaw t-shirt with the school logo, mascot or school event. 


    All shirts must be long enough to completely cover the stomach, but not longer than below the hip. Shirts must have short or long sleeves and must not expose undergarments, chest or stomach.



    STANDARD UNIFORM SHORTS AND SLACKS IN KHAKI, NAVY AND BLACK.  Girls may also wear STANDARD UNIFORM SKIRTS, SKORTS, CAPRIS OR JUMPERS. All bottoms must fit properly around the waist. Shorts should be at least mid thigh in length and longer than the shirt being worn. Slacks cannot drag on the floor and should not be too baggy or too tight. These are available at any uniform retail store. JEANS, CARGO SHORTS AND CARGO PANTS are NOT permitted as part of the Bashaw uniform.  No shorts/pants with large pockets are allowed. 


    Shoes and Accessories:

    - No open toe or open heeled shoes. No slides, platforms or clogs, which include Crocs and no shoes with    
    - No sunglasses, hats, visors, bandanas, suspenders or beachwear.   
    - No artificial fingernails.  Artificial tattoos are discouraged; if they are inappropriate for a school child, they
       will have to be removed.
    - No hair coloring or styles that may be a distraction to other students.


      Winter/Inclement Weather Options:

       Any solid color sweater or sweatshirt may be worn over the uniform shirt.
       Solid color sweat pants may be worn on days when the weather is unusually cold or inclement.
       Solid color turtleneck shirts may also be worn on cold days under a uniform shirt.
       When the weather warrants a jacket or coat, any type, will be acceptable.


        Uniform Enforceability:

        All students are expected to wear the school uniform daily. Students are expected to wear their uniform within the first 10 days of attendance at Bashaw. Parents will be responsible for enforcing Bashaw's uniform policy.  Exceptions to the uniform policy are the wearing of Girl and Boy Scout uniforms on meeting days. School administration will notify parents of any other exceptions throughout the school year.


        **Bashaw logo polo shirts, t-shirts and sweatshirts are available for purchase

        at www.bashawpride.com and onsite at various events throughout the school year.**


        Example of Uniforms