Clinic Information

Clinic Information

Clinic Hours  7:45am - 3:15pm            741-3307   Ext. 2003



Michael Byrnes, RN School Nurse

Ext. 2083


Silvia Alvarez, RN Health Support


Clarice Houston, Health Aide



The school clinic is available for students who become ill or are injured during the school day.

If the illness or injury is of such a nature that the student needs to go home, the parent will be notified and be expected to make arrangements for the child to be picked up from school. 


Please do not send a sick child to school as we do not have facilities to care for him or her.


Notice in Regards to Administering Medications

  • Only prescription medicine will be given.


  • The medication shall be supplied by the parent or guardian in person in a childproof container, bearing the prescription, child s name, attending physician, the name of the medication, the amount to be given, the frequency of administration and any special instructions.


  • All medications to be administered in school to an elementary student must be delivered to the school by a parent or other responsible adult. When presented in the school office, parents will fill out the authorization for medication form before the medication is given.


  • Sample bottles of medication must be accompanied by a written prescription and labeled with the child s name.


  • The parent and/or physician should make school personnel aware (in writing) of symptoms or possible reactions relating to the medication or lack of medication.


  • No medicine for acute or contagious illness should be given in schools. Children should be home under these conditions.




District Food Allergy Policy