Our Fine Arts Team

Our Fine Arts Team
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Welcome to our Fine Arts Page!



We are excited to announce we will have an

Engineering class this year to add to our wonderful

Art, Music, Physical Education & Media Programs.  

Our students have been recognized within our school,

county and state for their unique talents.  


Melissa Dowling,

Physical Education

Valerie Sliker,

Physical Education

dowlingm@manateeschools.net slikerv@manateeschools.net
#2011 #2058
Stephen Spisak, Media Melissa Link,  Art
spisaks@manateeschools.net linkm@manateeschools.net
#2057 #2044


         Barabara Sullivan, Music                   Elaine Cox, Engineering

    sullivab@manateeschools.net                coxe@manateeschools.net

                        #2045                                                 #2047