Student Expectations

Student Expectations


“B”  - Be Respectful


“O” - Obey Safety Procedures


“B”  - Be Responsible


Student Behavior

Today's children face many challenges. As our world becomes increasingly complicated, it is more and more necessary that children acquire skills which will help them make good decisions. There are many dangers in today’s world and the child who has learned self-responsibility is the one most likely to confront critical situations with confidence and success.  


We subscribe to the belief that it is important for students to accept responsibility for their own actions and that the consequences of these actions result from the choices they make.  This approach teaches children strategies to use when faced with choices regarding their personal behavior.  Hopefully, these skills will be applied in the future to make good decisions about issues that may affect the rest of their lives.

Bashaw School-wide Expectations


Classroom Rules

Listen when others are talking.

Enter class prepared to work.

Always follow directions. 

Remember to do your best.

Need to be a hard-working student. 

Hallway Rules

Walk quietly. 

Allow for personal space.

Look forward. 

Keep hands and feet to self.

Stay in line.


Bathroom Rules

Flush the toilet.

Leave the area clean.

Use time wisely.

Sanitize your hands.

Help conserve supplies.


Cafeteria Rules

Talk quietly to people next to you.

Always raise hand when you need something.

Be sure to use table manners.

Leave your area clean.

Enter and exit quietly.


Playground/Recess Rules

Stay safe.

Watch out for others.

Invite others to play.

Negotiate and share equipment.

Get in line when the teacher calls.


Assembly Rules

Sit correctly at all times.

Think about the program and learn.

Attend to the program.

Give me five to show you’re ready.

Enter and exit quietly with your class.


Car Rider Area Rules

Contain yourself in designated area.

Actively look for your car’s arrival.

Refrain from talking or playing around.

Safely enter or exit your car.


Bus Area Rules

Have everything you need.

Obey directions from staff and patrols.

Maintain yourself in area provided.

Enter the bus quietly.


Daycare Area Rules

Always solve problems peacefully.

Follow all staff directions

Take all materials/homework with you.

Enter the daycare area quietly.

Remain in your designated area.