WebNet amp Microsoftlogging in at home

WebNet & Microsoft--logging in at home

When students are working on computers at home, it would be beneficial to first log in to WebNet. The use of WebNet serves as a gateway to many of the other programs students use, such as online textbooks, reading programs, and Microsoft Office products like Word and Powerpoint! You do NOT need to have Microsoft products installed on your home computer in order to use Office online.


The URL for WebNet is https://webnet.manateeschools.net/   You should have this bookmarked on your computer, or make it an icon on the desktop so it will be an easy reminder to log in at home.


Students log in to WebNet with the same login and password as they do to log on to any computer at school.


To set an icon shortcut on your desktop...

Go to https://webnet.manateeschools.net/ on your home computer/laptop/tablet. If it is a PC, right click anywhere on the screen (in the blue bar or over the school district logo is fine), and choose the option "Save as." Then, you will be prompted to choose the location for saving. Select "Desktop" (near top or top left) then give it a name if you wish (default is SDMC WebNet). Click "Save." you should now be able to see an icon for WebNet on your desktop. 


Once logged in to WebNet....

Students will see "tiles" for different programs used at school, such as Edmodo, Study Island, AR, textbooks, and Microsoft Office 365, to name just a few. You will see some of these tiles on the "Home" page; for others, you will need to click on "Applications" at the bottom of the tile page. This provides easy shortcuts for students so that they do not need to remember a full URL for each website. 

And, for Office 365, once students click on the tile, they then have the option to work in any of the Office programs online (Word, Excel, Powerpoint) and can save their work in OneDrive--the "cloud"--so that they can then access those files from any computer, on or off campus.



webnet tiles



After clicking the Office 365 "tile" you will see a screen with options like this:


student 365



You can choose OneDrive (or any of the Office programs, such as Word or Powerpoint). Choosing OneDrive brings you to the cloud-based Office suite, where you will be able to view any files already saved, and also open a new file. 


student onedrive



If you have a document already saved on the hard drive of a computer, but you want to have it accessible from any computer, home or school or relatve's home--anywhere!--then you can take that file and upload it to the OneDrive cloud .Simply click the "Upload" utton then find the file you wish to put in OneDrive.

Be sure to SAVE any new files accordingly.

student save


If you have questions, call Mrs. Torlucci in the Media Center 751-7080 x 2031.