Exploratory WheelSixth grade students will have a semester Wheel Class that will rotate through all available exploratory offerings.  Some of these courses might be Agriscience, Industrial Technology, Band, Chorus, and Orchestra.




Agriscience 1


The agricultural program is a fun, hands-on course that offers an opportunity for students to learn about the endless possibilities in the world of agriculture. Students will be exposed to the many areas of agriculture such as wildlife, aquaculture, small animals, Future Farmers of America (FFA), career explorations, dairy products, greenhouse plant management, landscaping, beef cattle, leadership, and food safety.


Agriscience 2


Students enrolled in this course will have an expanded opportunity to work closely with the land lab and several different types of small animals.  This course allows students to compete in local, state, and national competitions with the FFA.  The exploration of the many careers in agriculture are experieced in a fun and challenging way.


Computer Technology


Introduction to Computers:  This class focuses time on enhancing typing skills, learning the basic keystrokes and hand positions on the keyboard. Students will broaden their computer knowledge with exciting activities. Using programs like Microsoft Word, iPhoto, Powerpoint, and Web browsers, students will learn to ground their skills to prepare report and projects for school and for home.


Computer Technology:  This course is designed to provide seventh and eighth grade students instruction in keyboarding, word processing, electronic presentations, computer hardware, Internet usage, and spreadsheet and soft skills for business applications.  Students are also introduced Web design skills as well as video production, digital photography, and desktop publishing.  Students can join Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) to use their skills to compete against students from across the district, state, and even the nation.


Yearbook Production:  This course is open to seventh and eighth grade students who have already taken computer courses and have been selected through an application process.  Using InDesign CS, Photoshop Elements, and other programs, students work through the fall semester to market, sell, create, and distribute a great yearbook.


Industrial Technology


Industrial Technology 1:  This hands-on course includes introductory studies in areas of technology which introduce students to the development of abilities to calculate, make important observations, and analyze and solve problems using manipulative skills while working cooperatively with others in team activities.  Students will create innovative projects using the latest technology in the Tech Lab.

Industrial Technology 2:  This is an advanced technology course that takes the building of projects and the use of technology to a higher level.  Students in this course are also members of the Technology Student Association (TSA) and will participate in local, state, and national competitions.






Beginning Band:  This class will teach students to learn how to play brass or woodwind instruments.  Students may be separated into different classes depending on the instrument they learn to play. Instruments include the following:  French horn, trumpet, baritone, trombone, tuba, oboe, clarinet, bass clarinet, basson, alto sax, tenor sax, and baritone sax.  Select percussionists will be assigned to this class.  This class has required performance outside of school hours.


Symphonic Band:  This class is primarily for eighth grade students with more than one year experience in band.  Admission must also be met with the band director's approval. Seventh graders may also enroll with approval.  This class has required performances outside of school hours.




Chorus:  This class incorporates learning to read music lyrics, music symbols, and notation.  Students will learn to sing some of their favorite songs.  There are no prerequisites, and there will be some outside performances in this class.


Swing Choir:  This is the advanced choir, and students are selected by audition and/or recommendation.  There are many outside performances including community, school, and competition performances.




Beginning:  This course is for students with no previous string playing experience.  Students will choose to play the violin, viola, cello, or bass.  No previous music reading experience is necessary. Participation beyond regular school hours is part of the course.


Concert:  This course is for string students with at least one semester of string instruction.  The purpose of this course is to continue the development of playing skills and further general knowledge of related non-playing concepts.  Participation in performances beyond the regular school hours is a required part of this course.


Symphonic:  This course is for eighth grade students with at least one year of string instruction.  The purpose of this course is to continue to develop playing skills and related non-playing conepts.  Advanced seventh grade string students may be placed in this performing group with teacher approval.  Participation in performances beyond regular school hours is a required part of this course.




In the Haile Fine Arts program we explore the art element and principles and how we can use them to create compelling works of art.  Students work in 2-D design as well as 3-D design and work in a variety of mediums to produce their artwork.  Students will also learn about art history and how it relates to other curriculums as well as the world around them.


Dance I


This course is designed for girls and boys with no previous dance experience.  They will learn basic dance technique, styling, terminology of a wide range of dancing genres (including hip hop, jazz, lyrical, stomp/step, and other world cultures).  There will be multiple performances throughout the year requiring participation beyond normal school hours.


Dance II


This course is designed for girls and boys who have at least one year of dance experience.  This class will build on the students’ previous training and allow them to add new technique and refine their style.  There will be multiple performances throughout the year, requiring participation beyond normal school hours.


Dance III


This is an advanced dance class that requires an audition and teacher recommendation.  To be a part of this class you must have at least one year of dance experience and a higher level of dance technique.  The class will be geared to refining and mastering many dance techniques and styling. This group will be considered the Performance Team, and must be able to commit to multiple performances outside of school.  (Not all students may qualify for all competitions.)




Physical Eduction/Health


Offered during sixth grade, the purpose of this course is to develop competence in physical fitness, body management, throwing and catching, striking, striking with objects, and strategies for physical activities. Students will also learn about health related topics including personal health and individual wellness planning.


Physical Education


The purpose of this course is to learn about the relationship between physical education and other disciplines, assessment of health related fitness, fitness program design, components of fitness, evaluation of physical activities and fitness, maintaining and improving health related fitness, and learning to play team and individual sports.


Physical Fitness


This course has an emphasis on the following: aerobic activity, increasing muscle strength, endurance, flexibility, and improving overall health. Students will assess current fitness levels and develop a wellness plan to reach individual goals.