Mathematics 6This course covers the operations with whole numbers, decimals, and fractions.  Study also includes exponents, ratios, proportions, basic geometry, estimation, data display, standard and metric measurement, and the use of variables.


Mathematics 6 AdvancedThis course goes beyond the standard sixth grade course by including operations with integers. Students also work with negative exponents, solve several types of percent problems, and solve multi-step equations in one variable. 


Mathematics 7This course covers a variety of general math topics and is designed to reinforce and develop basic math skills. Some of the topics covered will include the following: basic statistics, number theory, algebraic reasoning, proportional reasoning, percentages, probability, and basic geometry.  FCAT readiness is also integrated throughout this course.


Mathematics 7 AdvancedThis course is primarily a Pre-Algebra course that is designed to prepare students for the high school level Honors Algebra in eighth grade.  This course has a strong emphasis on the use of variable and inequalities.  It also covers operations with integers, number relationships, number theory, patterns and functions, basic geometry, and problem-solving strategies.


Mathematics 8This course is primarily a pre-Algebra course that is designed to prepare students to take Algebra 1 in high school.  This course has a strong emphasis on the use of variables in equations and expressions.  It also focuses on operations with integers and fractions.  Basic geometric concepts are taught with an emphasis on algebraic thinking.  In addition, the course covers word-problem solving strategies, probability, and data analysis.


Mathematics 8 AdvancedThis course is an advanced pre-Algebra course that is designed to prepare students to take Honors Algebra 1 in high school.  It has a strong emphasis on Algebraic thinking and problem-solving.  It focuses on Algebraic equations and expressions that contain integers and fractions. It also covers geometry, data analysis and probabiltiy.  The pace of this course is accelerated and the material is at an increased level of difficulty.


Honors Algebra 1This course meets the high school credit requirements for honors Algebra 1.  Students must have a thorough knowledge and understanding of the material covered in advanced 7th grade math (pre-Algebra).Emphasis is on Algebraic solutions to complex word problems, including functions and systems of equations.  This course also covers operations on polynomials, irrational numbers and quadratic equations.  Students are required to take the cumulative semester exams that are given in high school.


Geometry Honors:  This is a high school dual enrollment course that will be on the high school transcript.  The primary objective is to teach students how to reason mathematically through visualization, analysis and deductive reasoning.  Proficiency with geometric skills is developed and applied to the understanding of geometric concepts.  Topics include angle measurements and relationships, parallel line relationships, properties of polygons and solids, congruent triangles, similarity, right triangle trigonometry, circles, constructions, area, volume and coordinate geometry.  Emphasis is on logic and proofs.  A variety of applications and general problem-solving techniques, including algebra skills, are required.  Pre-requisites are a recommendation from the algebra teacher and a grade of 85% or better in Algebra 1 Honors.  Students must pass the state end-of-course exam to receive credit.